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I Do I Do Posts: 272 ... r_embedded Some serious health and safety violations... Loose hair in a food prep zone, yer wan dipping her hand in the juice trough thingy, risk of repetitive stress/wrist damage from operating a domestic juicer in order to produce industrial quantities of orange juice. HACCP people should be all over them really... It's a trending topic on Twitter at the mo, so it's gathering some interest!
Kaycee Posts: 2107
its gas! is it banned or something>?
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
I must say - what a stupid ad!
I Do I Do Posts: 272
I'm just confused as to whether it's supposed to be provocative or sarcastic! It was getting a lot of attention on Twitter and I posted it here to see if I was missing something...! Kaycee, it's just on You Tube, don't know if there releasing it.