hi there i was on for a appointment with a gyne about another appointment and was ment to attend this coming thurs, 2 weeks after bfp but today the receptionist rang me to say that she got the letter off my gp about me attending the gyne clinic now too.. she said that they now do it different there, that you go to epu for a 12 week scan and then see doc at 14 weeks. has any of ye heard this or was it a bit odd, she said that since i lost a lil one only last oct and pg again they need to internal scan me to date this pregnancy so that they can book me in for my 12 week scan since i only had one menstral cycle since loss. i said ok and she wanted me to go in this week friday but im only 6 weeks and the weekend and i didnt wana go in case too early for a detectable hb it be heartbreaking again if i went again too soon but she said to go in nxt wed when il be heading for 7 weeks and def a hb should be detected, she wasnt saying that anything was wrong with pg oranything just need to properly date it... so anyone heard of the new clinic rules? be interested to hear if you had, used to be like 1st visit v long 2-3 hrs wit about 5-10mins with gyne doc and scan and now its epu at 12 weeks for scan and blood works ran then doc at 14 wk mark sorry im repeating my self here