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admin Posts: 1822
[b:ml2e5o7r]Cathy McNulty - Hair Stylist[/b:ml2e5o7r] [attachment=3:ml2e5o7r]Cathy1.jpg[/attachment:ml2e5o7r] [attachment=2:ml2e5o7r]Cathy2.jpg[/attachment:ml2e5o7r] [attachment=1:ml2e5o7r]Cathy3.jpg[/attachment:ml2e5o7r] [attachment=0:ml2e5o7r]Cathy5.jpg[/attachment:ml2e5o7r]
jen09 Posts: 1390
Can just confirm this girl is GREAT! She did 5 hairs for my aunts wedding & we all looked fab!
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Anything for mid length/short hair ?
Fudderfinder Posts: 58
3, 5 & 12 are vile. IMHO of course.
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Keep them coming, love these threads. Great help to us all.
deda Posts: 1220
Can wollies who have become MRS please post picture of the hairstyles they had for their big day
Inline - Algarve WP
Dee77 Posts: 5
I think those hairstyles are so lovely! Very impressed. Wonder If that would be possible to do with my hair though...
muppet1 Posts: 8
Hi not great with doing anything with my hair .Its a bit longer that a bob. what would you recommend :hic
Twinkley Posts: 306
Thought that I'd post these styles that I think are nice: [img:umhmwwqm][/img:umhmwwqm] [img:umhmwwqm][/img:umhmwwqm] [img:umhmwwqm][/img:umhmwwqm] [img:umhmwwqm][/img:umhmwwqm] [img:umhmwwqm][/img:umhmwwqm]
Twinkley Posts: 306
Oh and a couple more: [img:2dn4d039][/img:2dn4d039] [img:2dn4d039][/img:2dn4d039][/url] [img:2dn4d039][/img:2dn4d039] [img:2dn4d039][/img:2dn4d039]
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