New hair wreckin my head literally!

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Judy Posts: 612
I no this should probly be in hair and beauty but i taught I mite get away with it here as its not wedding related. I have tons of new hair( fluffy little bits all around my hairline) and it has got worse since having my baby 7 months ago, even my hairdresser said to me last time I was getting me roots done that you d barely notice due to the fact that Iv so much new hair which is dark brown an you cant get putting blonde on them as you wouldnt get them into mesh! so any hairdressers out there im begging for advice before this drives me crazy
Judy Posts: 612
This saddens me eighty two looked at my post and not one reply not even sorry I cant help cheers wollies O-O
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
Oh - just reading this for the first time now. I just put something in a post earlier this evening about tabs I started taking about two weeks ago that were recommended by my hairdresser. My hair was really frizzy on top and she told me it's new hair, apparently I have about six months growth. She asked me had I had a baby or had I been especially stressed, and it was the latter. So these tabs, I'll take them for three months or six months or something will help my hair grow quicker and thicker, although goodness knows I don't need the thicker part!! Should all be ok by December, fingers crossed. Hairdresser told me about ones called Pillfood, I think, or something similar, but when I went into Holland & Barrett I was told they do their own which is one box of 3 months worth for about half the price. Hard to tell if there working at all yet but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. So I dunno if this is any help to you. Also might be worth popping into a health food store and asking for advice.