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Ladybirds Posts: 445
I'm sitting in work totally panicking because my boss just called me into his office to give me my notice. I'm finishing up here at the end of the month. Myself and my fiance collected the keys to our new house on Friday. I'm steeling myself not to start crying in here. I know that its not my bosses fault or anything. Its first in, last out here. Things were getting really quiet. But, in my ignorance, it hadn't crossed my mind. I've been so distracted with the house and other bits and pieces. I told my fiance at lunch time and my parents too. I think I'm the only one that sees this as a major thing. I just don't know what we're going to do now about the house. Everything was going really well for us after a bad start to the year and now this. I thought this was a secure job and I had every intention of staying here. I want to go back to college in the nights next year when we were settled in the house and on track with paying a mortgage. Now, things are going to be tough. I'm totally panicking now. I'll never find another job. Just needed to type away my frustrations!!!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Don't panic I was the same as you when we bought our house but I handed in my notice.Don't worry yourself about it,start looking now for a new job and get yourself sorted out.It will be fine at least you have your house,congrats! Relax and enjoy it this is a happy time!it will all work out
bride. Posts: 3014
I'm the same! Bought a new house with a sizeable mortgage a couple of months ago, getting married in two months (today!) and sure my job is finished at the end of the month. Great stuff. I've decided on a career change so I'm going to have to take a drastic cut in money. Don't worry get your self into gear now, scour the job web sites. You could have a job ready to walk into by the end of the month.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Oh you poor thing!! Ok, first things first, get your CV up to date!! Contact loads of agencies re your line of work. Log onto: There just a few I found but there's loads more out there!! Don't worry about coming into your current job too much. You need to get out there as much as possible doing interviews etc. You current boss will understand!! If you think you're not going to meet the mortgage repayments contact your bank. Always best to talk to them and explain the situation. They'll appreciate that way more rather than you missing a payment. They can stall it for a few months or whatever until you find a new job!! Big hug to ya chick!! :action32
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Don't panic, you'll be fine! We are expecting our first baby in 8 weeks, and I was told just over a month ago that I will be losing my job in December (although as I'll be on maternity leave at the time, it doesn't oficially come into effect until April). Either way though, I'm still out of a job, with a new baby to support. We were planning a move next year too. But I'm over the shock of it, and we still hope to go ahead with all our plans. It's just a job at the end of the day, and they will always come and go - I don't think any job is secure these days. I'm sure something else will come up - in my case, I don't mind what I do in the short term, as long as it pays the bills :compress Best of luck with the job-hunting.....
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi im in a similar situation, getting married in 2 weeks just bought a new house, have our apt on market and found out that the company i work for is being taken over. I will find out the day i come back off honeymoon whether i have a job or not. As the apt is not sold yet and we may need to drawn down on the mortgage in a few weeks, we will have debt of almost €500k :eek If i am kept on we will be relocated and i will have to buy a second car cos now me and H2B will be going in different directions. The uncertainty would kill me but i have to try and put it out of my mind or i wont enjoy the wedding or honeymoon, ill be afraid to spend money. Like the girls said get job hunting, there are plenty of jobs out there, even try temping for a while if you have to. I dont know how much info you want to give out but maybe if you tell us the type of job your in somebody may know of something going and can PM you. Best of luck this is such a hard time, but things will work out, ill say a prayer for you.
CorkBride2007 Posts: 40
Hi Emily, I'm in a similar enough situation so i totally empathise with you. I'm scouring the job pages of the papers and internet sites every day and sending out c.v.'s. As a last resort i'll temp until i find something that i'm happy doing. Its tough i know and a very insecure time but all that is in our power for now is to keep applying for stuff. Best of luck & i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
Ladybirds Posts: 445
Oh girls! You've put things into perspective for me! I feel so selfish now, my problems are only in the hapenny place compared to some of ye! I was on to the bank. The bank manager is a family friend of fiances. He's put me in touch with the HR manager there too, so hopefully I might get something out of that. He's making arrangements for our first couple of months of the mortgage if needs be too. So, thank God for that. I've tried most of those websites and signed on to practically all the local recruitment agencies! Fingers crossed I'll hear something this week. Broke my heart last night when my fiance told me not to get him a birthday present for his 25th on Saturday. He said he didn't want me stressed about him. He's such a dote. So good to me. I know he's worrying and trying not to let me see it. Thanks for everything girls. I'm going to be positive from today on. No more worrying!!
Christmas B Posts: 6191
You're H2B sounds like a complete sweetheart!! [size=150:2zmpz8g7][color=blue:2zmpz8g7][b:2zmpz8g7]Positive Thinking!!!![/b:2zmpz8g7][/color:2zmpz8g7][/size:2zmpz8g7] [img:2zmpz8g7][/img:2zmpz8g7]
Ladybirds Posts: 445
Notlongtogo, just rereading your comment. Not a bad idea if anyone were to know of vacancies within the Waterford, South Kilkenny or New Ross area, might PM me. My experience and training lies in the reception/admin area. I'm planning on going back to WIT next year to do a night course in Estate Agency and Auctioneering. I'd love to get some experience in that field. I'd be sooooooo grateful if anyone could help me out!! The ledgends that ye Wollies are!!