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melw Posts: 294
Hi my sister has just got herself new job but has just found out gnant after trying for nearly two years so she is over the moon but worried about telling her boss as she is worried they will let her go. Shes on a 3 mth trial so doesnt know if it would be best to tell him after the trial basis or straight away because she has a hospital appointment coming up for her scan etc and needs time off for it. Thanks
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Is it a permanent role with a 3 month probation/trial period? Or a 3 month contract?
melw Posts: 294
Its a permanent role with 3 mth probation as far as I know.
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
It depends what the company she is working for is like. If it's a good company they're unlikely to be fazed by it. Legally if she told them and was then let go as long as she was performing well they'd be in danger of legal action. She's entitled to time off for antenatal appointments. If it was me I'd be upfront but I know my rights and would make it obvious in conversation that I did. It really depends on what your sister is like and what her Manager is like - I was quite surprised that a colleague who is on mat leave at the moment told me she only told or mutual boss after 12 weeks - he has been managing her for years. He only started managing me officially in January and I told him more or less straight away as I knew I'd need time off for appointments and as I'd likely be ill at some stage (I was repeatedly ill on first pregnancy - luckily haven't been ill much so far on this second pregnancy). As a Manager myself I'd prefer if my team let me know if there is anything going on in their lives that might impact their work so this can be taken into account but I work for a large company and that's the ethos here - to be understanding of people and create a good work/life balance. I hope the company your sister is working for is similar! She could always just take annual leave for initial appointments if she's not comfortable bringing it up so soon.
melw Posts: 294
Thanks so much for your reply ill show her what you said and she can decide then what she wants to do xx
MrsP2be2015 Posts: 100
I would also say to tell them straight away. They will appreciate her honesty and more notice is better for them. They will not let her go - they will be too afraid of the legal repercussions. If she waits til after the trial they are more likely to be annoyed about the way she handled it.
Joe Duffy Posts: 36
Most companies have an employee manual in which procedures for applying for maternity leave are laid out. Choosing not to disclose her private information until a time she is comfortable and/or obliged to do so, is not a reflection of any lack of 'honesty' and like any woman, she shouldn't feel pressurised to do so. One person's willingness to do otherwise, is another's reluctance to go there yet. Neither action is an indicator of a more sound work ethic or ability to do the job, which is what matters. Women choose not to disclose their pregnancy early on for umpteen valid reasons, company 'ethos' shouldn't be central to it, unless her job involves health and safety concerns or exposure to increased risk. It's all well and good wanting to assist management, but the role of management is to also plan when adequate notice has been given. That is all she is obliged to do. That's not meant to sound harsh, but women increasingly appear to be under pressure to prioritise disclosure and too often discretion is equated with dishonesty, which is a nonsense. This is life. Contract work is becoming the norm. I would advise her to trust her own instincts, and do what is best for her personally.