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Bellabobs Posts: 250
Is there a good selection of Maternity clothes in the store in the Jervis Centre I may take a trip tomorrow if i thought it would be worth my while.
Babydoll2012 Posts: 69
it has a bigger section then their other stores. I haven't been down in a few weeks but it has a few bits. While your there you could go to next and mothercare is there also. They have a sale on some of there clothees at the minute. Worth the journey i would say seeing as all three are in the one shopping centre! HTH
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I was in New Look this morning - they have some nice dresses in the maternity section! Worth a look!
sjp2010 Posts: 238
I was in there last sundya and was very dissappointed with the maternity range. All the small sizes (10, 12)like for jeans and work trousers were all gone. They only do the materity range in blanchersrown and Liffey valley.. I know the new look in blanch is massive so maybe there will have alot more selection and sizes. Planning on heading there in 2 weeks.
moodle Posts: 124
I was in New Look last week and thought the selection was only ok. I did get a few bits and pieces but was disappointed with the jeans. I really needed a pair and couldnt find any in my size. I then went into Next and was SOOOO disappointed, I couldnt believe how small the maternity section was, I walked right passed it, it was that insignificant. I didnt get a chance to go into Mothercare.
Bellabobs Posts: 250
I may go have a look then,what about H&M beside stephens green??
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Bellabobs if you're close to Liffey Valley you'll get Next, New Look, H&M & Dorothy Perkins all under one roof!
Bellabobs Posts: 250
[quote="ohsotired":1lfnmk0e]Bellabobs if you're close to Liffey Valley you'll get Next, New Look, H&M & Dorothy Perkins all under one roof![/quote:1lfnmk0e] HHHHMMM never thought of that!! Maybe ill do that, thanks!!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I was in newlook in Blanch today. they have a bigger range than other shops and a bit cheaper but still not a lot to choose from. I tried on their maternity skinny jeans but the 12 are too baggy on the legs and the 10 are tiny in the bump area. I ordered Leigh Supersoft Skinny Jeans from topshop in a 10 and they are very snug. Tried to change them in blanch today but they didnt have a 12. Thinking of just keeping the 10 and hoping they'll stretch. they'll have to stretch a good bit though cos I'm only gonna get bigger! Still on the search for a decent maternity coat that doesnt cost a bomb.
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Girls ye can order from New Look and Topshop online. Delivery is not too bad and pretty fast, and ye can return items in store as long as they are not from their branded range.