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fluffymum2b Posts: 209
Hi, Just found out that i am pregnant :o)ll and myself and my husband are so excited. I am not sure of my dates as my periods are very iregular so we think i am 4 - 6 wks and booked in for an early pregancy scan 29th oct and cant wait. I am getting what feels like period pains nothing too stong but they are making me nervous. I just want to know if this is normal. This is my 1st pregnancyso we havent a clue about what to expect.
Twirl Posts: 5598
Hi Fluffymum2b, congradulations on your news :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I am 8wks+4 and i had period type cramps on and off for the last few weeks, this week i dont seem to have anything at all but as far as i know its pretty normal. My doctor told me once there is no bleeding its ok.
redroses Posts: 714
Huge congrats to you. Thats great news. I had quite severe pains in the week i found out i got my bfp, never cause me any probs thankfully. Ive also had a lot of pain on and off throughout this pregnancy, all put down to stretching etc.
fluffymum2b Posts: 209
Thanks Twirl, The doc told me this too yesterday but just needed to no others feeling the same way too. Im glad they have stopped for you hopefully mine will too. Its so exciting cant really think of anything else at the moment xxx Hi redroses, Its good to hear that this is normal enough. poor you havin it all the way through. Hope you well otherwise x
happy mummy Posts: 424
Congrats :o)ll I also had those pains and like redroses have had them throughout this pregnancy. Everyone says its just things stretching. At first when I got them I was getting all panicked but my GP said that unless they get very severe or are accompanied with bleeding then you're ok. Hope you have a really enjoyable pregnancy :)