New Mums - Which bottles did ye find the best ?

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mayday08 Posts: 704
New mums which bottles did ye find the most suitable to your circumstances ? So many out there at the moment. I would like to have a go at breastfeeding but liek to have bottles on the ready also ! Your opinion greatly appreciated ?
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
i use Dr Brown bottles, Kayleigh suffers terrible with wind and find them great.
bullzara Posts: 41
hi i have 2 babies on bottles john is 14 months and nicola is 3 months, i feed john my self for a few weeks but found it very sore to the point my doc asked me to try him on a bottle, he took to it straight away tommee tippee are his bottles and he loves them, they are shaped like a nipple so they are easy to switch to. nicola is on the avent bottles, i have no complaints about them, they are great bottles too. but if you are feeding your self and then want to make the switch to bottles try thr tommee tippee bottles. let me know how you get on kaz
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
We are using Nuk First Choice and he is having no problem with them at all. They are nice and easy to clean as well because they are so wide. To be honest from what i have been told there is not a huge difference between all the bottles so the best thing to do is just pick one and start buying one or two of them so you don't have to get them all together. FP
mayday08 Posts: 704
thanks for replies, still undecided, guess just going to go with one and stick with it but does say that Dr. Browns prob best for colic baby but have to wait to decide that one thanks all.