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Faithful Nite Posts: 859
Hi, had my 39 wk checkup with hospital yesterday and was advised that they are now doing a new scheme whereby all having gone well you can be discharged after 24 hours as long as you live within a half hour radius of the hospital, which I do, just about. This is very appealing to me as I hate hospitals but as it is my 1st baby I really don't know what to do. I love the thoughts of being back in my own bed, being able to shower in my own bathroom. Know for a fact if it was my 2nd I would def do it. What would you girls do if given the option, stay the 3 nites or go home after 24 hrs?
pattie Posts: 2379
Not sure, it depends feeding really I'd say. If you're BF'g a first baby you might need help latching the baby on for a few days. If you have someone at home to call on for this kind of help then I'd get out ASAP as you'll get much more rest at home and decent food! The district midwife service came to visit me after I had DD and they were lovely so I would certainly go for it this time if we're well.
Fairywings Posts: 360
On your first I would def stay at least 2 days if you could, just get a chance for them to do the first bath with you and know that the midwives are there if you need them.. I know by day 3 on my first DD I was soooooo ready to go home that I nearly ran out the door. This time round if all goes OK I will be going home ASAP especially since I only live 20 mins away from Limerick Maternity. And considering Ill hve my little girl at home. Also my family all live near so I know Ill hve plenty of help if I should need it once I get home.