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Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Hi everyone New to the forum and trying to decide on a hospital at the moment. I'm thinking either semi private in Holles St or combined care package in Mount Carmel. From what I can figure out I think the costs for Holles St work out at about €2k semi private and Mount Carmel €3k after my health insurance costs. Would love to hear from anyone attending Holles St at the moment on a semi private basis, how is it going, what's the experience like? Many thanks
rrrr Posts: 11
Hi there I'm doing the shared care option in mount Carmel and I have to say so far it's been excellent can't recommend it highly enough. 33 weeks now and every dealing I've had so far has been great and I haven't had the most straightforward pregnancy.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Hi, I know that the vast majority of births go routinely with no problems but occasionally unexpected things can happen...doc friend of mine said that if anything majorly was to go wrong during delivery then Mount Carmel isn't equipped to deal with it and you would be transferred to one of the maternity hospitals...she mentioned delivery of twins as always being an occasion when extra care needs to be taken.....I imagine it would only very very rarely happen but I think I would prefer to be in the maternity hospital to begin with..though admittedly Mount Carmel is probably fairly well-equipped to deal with actually I'm probably not much help....
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I was in Holles st for last pg and again this time and couldn't praise them enough. Semi-private in Holles st is €1100.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Winter B2B - how did you find the waiting times for apts being semi private? Did you get allocated a semi private room for your last pregnancy? Many thanks for the update.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I was in ward with 3/4 others. When I registered I had my booking apt at 12 weeks, another at 17 weeks and scan at 20 weeks. These are all booked once you register. After that I was transferred to the high risk clinic and semi private on arrival. I was speaking with sister, she had all her LOs in Mount Carmel and is pg at moment, she said that on top of the €3K she has to pay extra for any night she's stays after first night, that fee only covers first, check before you book as there may be a different deal at moment as she's currently 26 weeks. How many weeks are you? In relation to going semi-p in Holles St, if you decide this is the way your going then before ringing up you need to decide what doctor you want to go with as that will be first question they'll ask.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Thanks Winter B2B , I'm about 4 weeks now. First doc apt this week and will arrange hospital from there . Think I've almost decided on Holles St semi private, I'm not great with hospitals, esp sharing rooms etc but don't think I can justify the money to go fully private when I'll only be in for few days. Thanks for the tip on picking a consultant before I ring, will get researching now!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Good luck with whatever you choose. :thnk My reason for choosing Holles St was similar to what wollysocks said, I wanted to be where the best possible care was, I like to be prepared for the expected. Best of luck with your pregnancy.