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wannababy Posts: 1
2 questions... on my 2ww, what pain killers can I take for 2 day splitting headache? O:| O:| This may sound like a stupid ques but... I have very sore breasts (on the sides, iykwim) since my actual ovu test positive day. They are always sore before AF but never for this long. am i being over-hopeful? :-8
Sphynx Posts: 6795
wannababy you can take paracetomol (in moderation and if you really need it) while pregnant - just avoid the aspirin and also anything stronger. I find that one paracetomol is enough where I would have automatically taken two before. And don't take "extra strong" or "fast-acting" stuff. Re. the boobs I don't know as I didn't have any of those classic symptoms (am 6 weeks pregnant now) but a lot of people did - here's hoping! :o)ll