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laurab Posts: 2
Hi ladies, Hope everyone is well. Just joined recently after booking my wedding 2 weeks ago. My reception is in finnstown house and I also just bought my dress it's by cabotine and the style is lancy ....check the beauty out hehe Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on cheap invites? Everything looks so boring on most the sites I've seen Thanks Laura
MrQ Posts: 1085
Go to ebay and order "Samples", i.e one invite. Will cost about €2 including shipping usually. You can get a better feel for it. This company/girl in Poland is who we will use. Have 3 samples already. Made in Poland. Free Shipping. Much better value than anybody in this country.
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
You could try alternatives to traditional wedding invites too. We were going traveling after our wedding and had a kind of travel vibe running throughout. What we did was design postcards for our wedding invitations and then set up a website for people to get additional information and to RSVP. It went down a storm with people as they said it was super handy to be able to check the website again for details after they'd lost the invites (I know I always lose invitations and then have to text around to find out the times :-8 ) I think in total the 100 postcards cost us €25 from a local printing company and I bought our domain name for $2.99 and set up a website with Google sites that was p*ss easy but there are loads of other easy website builders out there.
magryan14 Posts: 186
Hi laurab, I totally agree that the invites are a bit boring and most look pretty much the same, I love Eleanor Rigby's idea and it would be super cheap. I wanted to send emails but as it's not the done thing I chickened out :-8 So instead I decided to make my own invitations, it'll probably cost about 100euro for all the invites and RSVP cards. I made them to suit my theme and each invite takes about 3 minutes to make so they are super easy too. Hope this helps :o)ll