New to WOL and would like opinion on my dress

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sept08 bride Posts: 64
Hi All I have nopt been able to show my dress to anyone apart from my Mum and BM's. Would just like some feedback? thanks [img] [/img]
magoo2 Posts: 226
Wow its fab! Congrats on such a gorgeous dress :o)ll
sept08 bride Posts: 64
Thanks Magoo. I ordered it in December and I loved it then! I hope when i try it on again I will still love it :-8
Lyla09 Posts: 265
It's beautiful, love the detail on it. Congrats :o)ll
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
Thats a very pretty dress :thnk
magoo2 Posts: 226
Ah you will - you've fallen in love with it... and we can see why! :compress
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Stunning!!!! :o)ll
WinterGal Posts: 835
Very elegant, I bet it really sparkles in the light. [img:zd00kyy4][/img:zd00kyy4]
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
gorgeous dress :o)ll :o)ll
PJ Posts: 112
It's really beautiful :o)ll