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ambers68 Posts: 14
Hi ladies. I'm new to WOL - well I've actually been hovering for a year but thought it was about time I made myself known! I'm a May 2010 bride and this site has been bril in helping me organise everything so far. So thanks! So far I have my church, reception venue, dress, church music, two bands for the reception, shoes, bag, cars, photographer, video, invites... think that's it! Jewellery is a work in progress. Getting the BMs dresses made but haven't got a clue about a colour scheme. So I have two questions for you: 1. What colour scheme would you suggest to go with my ivory dress and his grey suit (h2b is adamant he wants to wear a grey three piece in the style of Joe Cole)? 2. Do you know where to get a good deal on a week in the Bahamas and a one week caribbean cruise? All the travel agents we've tried in Belfast are coming in WAY above budget. Thanks and nice to meet you all!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Welcome to the family Ambers! :wv
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
welcome amber! and congratulations on getting engaged! to answer your questions 1) ivory and grey are very good base colours, you could have almost any colour to go with both of them, a few ideas for a spring wedding would be teal, pale pink, sage green, 2)not a clue, sorry but have a gander under the honeymoon section for brides with similar destinations. xx
ela28 Posts: 2552
sorry I'm not much help :-8 I just wanted to say hi and a big congrats to you and your h2b,good luck with the rest of your planning :wv
candypants Posts: 8575
Hiya and welcome! Congrats on your up coming wedding :o)ll by the way, have yo a pic of the mans suit h2b has in mind please O:o)
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Welcome to WOL!! Congrats on the wedding. I actually really like the teal dresses at the moment, they look very well in the photos and will go with grey. If you check out Monkeybears report in the Wedding Report section her dresses were fab
ms organised Posts: 1069
Welcome to WOL and happy planning. I think a pale pink would look fab with ivory and grey! I can't help with the honeymoon question sorry, but I'm sure fellow Wollies can help you out with that one. O:o)
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Hey there....welcome to the family :o0 I too am having ivory for my dress and grey for the mens suits...The bm's are wearing a duck egg color its like a turquisey green, it's fab :o)ll Happy planning :wv
trice0208 Posts: 600
hi & welcome! think a raspberry colour might be nice no help on honeymoon question sorry