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MandyLou Posts: 10
Hi everyone........... Okay, so i'm probably being stupid here, but I need some help on how to use this forum. When I have posted something in buy and sell, and I get a message in my inbox, all it states is a persons username, and it gives me an option to P.M them. Does this mean that person has contacted me, because they want me to private mail them with more details. How come the message doesn't state anything from them???? Please help, as i've quite a few items to sell, and don't want to mess this up. I have 2 wedding dresses for sale, both size 8. One by Ellis bridal, the other be Essence. I've a tiara, veil, necklace, sandals and handbag all for sale as well
rubybride2010 Posts: 321
sounds confusing! you should be able to click on the user's name and their pm message will be displayed. I've had a few probs with my mailbox where messages take a few days to get sent but all the pms contained a message. Perhaps pm the users names and ask them have they tried to contact you? :wv