New visiting rules in Holles Street

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izzie1977 Posts: 460
Hi girls Just checked the website for holles street to see if the visitors ban has been lifted and they have change the rules entirely now - detail on the website is: [color=#0000BF:27b8txy8][i:27b8txy8]General Visiting Visiting Hours: 08:30 to 21:00 hours except during mealtimes from Monday to Sunday for nominated cardholders only. During the recent HINI flu pandemic, visiting was restricted and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from mothers who enjoyed more rest and time with their babies. Further to discussions with patients, staff and the patient service user forum, a decision has been taken to continue to enforce a limited visiting policy in the hospital but to allow children of the family to visit. As you are all aware our activity levels are at an all time high and this is a conscious effort to give mothers and patients a rest for the short time they are with us. Our visiting arrangements are as follows: Maternity- Partners or a nominated visitor and their children only to visit – one green card Gynaecology- patients to have two visitors only at any one time – two green cards Neonatal unit- strictly parents only (no children) unless there are extenuating circumstances, at ward managers discretion. Visiting times for the above categories are to be from 08:30 to 21:00 hours except during mealtimes from Monday to Sunday. This policy is to be implemented from Monday 8th. March, 2010.[/i:27b8txy8][/color:27b8txy8] Personal think its a good thing, but some may disagree???
sinion Posts: 6050
I think it's a great idea. My family were great when DS was born and kept it to a minimum, but it drove me insane how other women in my room had multitudes of visitors, I felt I never got any privacy, even with the curtains closed. Anytime my curtain was pulled back there were always a few pairs of eyes having a good gawk in O:|
Greece Posts: 1800
Yep - I agree - I think this is good idea. I mean with in reason of course, but there is nothing worse than a million people in visiting in the hosp...I'm sure when we have our babies it will be tiring enough and it will be nice to have the time to bond etc. And I also dont think its fair on other women in the ward if someone else has a load of poeple in, they have no privacy, as another poster said. Its only for a day or two anyway.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Ok am I reading it right that the above means no visitors really at all? I personally think it is a good thing but it does mean that everyone will be on your doorstep the minute you get home dying to see the baby. I think restricting it to 2 visitors at a time can be ok because family & friends can just pop in and see the baby and then leave because others are waiting downstairs to come up iykwim? I am going to Holles St - I think it is good - but would be worried then about all my family arriving on my door when I get home because they'll be dying to see the baby
aurora Posts: 1629
I'm going to Holles st and think its a good thing. nice for women with other kids that they can now come in. think its good that they relaxed the restrictions to allow that but am glad I won't have a heap of visitors in. 3 nights isn't much time to recover and bond and then everyone can see the new arrival when we're relaxed at home. will give BF a shot and will feel more comfortable being able to pop upstairs to feed rather than asking people to head off to the cafe in hospital or something. hopefully people will still keep visits short and won't stay all day in the house tho!
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
I will be going to holles street too and think its a brilliant idea, im not from dublin so the last thing i want is a whole pile of dh's family arriving in and taking over the place (which i know well they would) much prefer that dh can come in on his own and maybe he could come down and let a friend or whatever up for a while to say hello think its much better to have people to come and visit at home. great policy holles street :)
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Think ur problem there is they won't allow transfer of the card it will be DH and thats it! Have to say I think its a little harsh, now can understand why they don't want the world and sundry in but think it would be nice if grandparents were allowed visit. My DH will be working while I'm in hospital and will only get to come in for a hour as he'll have to get home to DD would be nice to have a bit of company the rest of the time as it can get lonely. Plus I agree with AP about family descending on us as soons as u get home with excitement and I wanted the day I came home to be just about our little family with big sis getting to know her little sister but that won't happen now as I know both families will be bursting to see bub least u chuck them out of the hospital when u get tired no such luck once ur home!!!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Saw this up in Hospital during apt on Wednesday. I have mixed feelings about it. In principal I agree with it but like aurora said think a restriction to 2 at a time or even one at a time (that someone could be there instead of partner for period of time) would be nice. My mum and MIL were disappointed when i told them that they can't come to hospital to visit. Also my DH was saying he wouldn't take the days off while I was in hospital as it would give him more time off when I'm home and my sister and some of friends said they come in to visit me during the day he could just come in the evening and I wouldn't be there all day on my own.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[quote="Mrs Bambi":19f907q8]Think ur problem there is they won't allow transfer of the card it will be DH and thats it![/quote:19f907q8] [quote="Mrs Gerard":19f907q8]maybe he could come down and let a friend or whatever up for a while to say hello[/quote:19f907q8] If they allowed that then I would be in complete favour of the restricted visitors rule!
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Yeah MrsBambi that's what I am worried about - my HB said he wants to keep his days off for when we get home so during alot of the day I will be on my own and would like my parents and his to be able to visit - my mam will go mad :eek But I can see the benefit in it definitely - I just think it wouldn't be too bad to have some sort of restricted visiting for say two visitors at a time for an hour or so once a day