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highheelqueen Posts: 175
hey girls,less than 6 wks now! yikes, Hows all the plans going???
OctMammy2b Posts: 197
Yeah!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll The weeks are flying by! Have my hen this weekend -going to Galway so I hope the weather picks up! Hope your plans are going well! Are you doing anything special for midnight?
highheelqueen Posts: 175
oohhh have a great time,i had mine a couple of weeks ago,sadly i dont remember a lot of it! Still have a st to lose so living in the gym and lots of little things to get sorted, we are having a bubbly toast and then have got huge champagne bottles that are party poppers and lots of masks etc to hand out.We are doing sky candles in the band break and on my invites i let people vote for the first song of 2010 has gone down very well so far! Have you much left to do?