New Years Eve Due Date

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mum2be30 Posts: 31
Hi Girls... just wondering is anyone else due on NewYears Eve? its an exciting date but sure chances are we will go the day before or after... O:o)
Babydoll2012 Posts: 69
Hi mum2be30 I'm due New Years Eve also. This si my first and everyone is telling me i'll be over by the two weeks. I don't know to be honest because some of my friends have gone early on the first some have gone over and some have had there babies on the exact day. I'm sure we'll know how things are progressing closer to the time. I really don't want to be in hospital over new years though. Even though it will depress me not getting my glass of champers :o0
mum2be30 Posts: 31
Oh Congrats Babydoll2012...yeh Im with you on the champers... O-O O-O I would love to go a few days early...who knows plenty of walking & currys! :o)ll
Wife09 Posts: 873
I was NYE but moved back to xmas eve! Funnily enough my DH cousin had first baby of the year there a few years ago!
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
I'm due New Years Eve also, though I'm hoping to go on the first/second of January...I think either way it'll be exciting... :o)ll
marriedLife Posts: 1881
My sister went on her due date (not NY's eve) and the midwife said to her only about 3 - 5 % of mothers deliver on their due date. With regards going over by two weeks on your first - yes stats show you have more chance of it but my midwife told me to look at my mother & sisters, if they all had similar births (as in when they went, how quick, etc..), that I'd probably be like them. My mam and sisters (4) generally all went 2 - 3 weeks early and had quick births so that's what I was hoping for. But DS was breech so had scheduled csection instead.