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bride0808 Posts: 61
Hi all Im going to NYC next Sunday week and hoping to get my dress over there, going to go to RK Bridal, anyone been there and got their dress and any other suggestions on other bridal shops to go to ie. for Receptions bits etc. Thanx a mill!!
Deirdre 5167 Posts: 60
hi Bride0808 i am also flying to newyork on sat week 1st dec who are you flying with if you are looking to try on dresses in macy, you need an appointment, so if you not there for long, you should set them up from here. best of luck with the shopping i cannot wait O-O :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mollyeile Posts: 2486
Be careful coming back - they are clamping down!!
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv I am also going to NYC on the 6th of Dec, hoping to get my Flowergirls dress in RK Bridal.. Would really also love to hear feedback on them.. :thnk
coconut Posts: 2183
RK bridals are brilliant and they have so many dresses it is scary!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I got my dress in Davids Bridal in Orlando, they have branches in NY too (see link) ... NY&x=5&y=2 They were brill and I got to take my dress home with me (they have so much in stock). I didn't have any problems at customs but they were stopping other people so do be careful. I suppose all you can really do is cut the tags off anything you buy and hope for the best!!!! Good luck !!! :o)ll
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
[quote="ANAIS21":uihtl3ve]:wv I am also going to NYC on the 6th of Dec, hoping to get my Flowergirls dress in RK Bridal.. Would really also love to hear feedback on them.. :thnk[/quote:uihtl3ve] There is a shop in Jersey Gardens downstairs near Lord and Taylor that sells gorgeous Flower girl dresses. They have a fabulous selection and are very reasonably priced Hope this is of some help to you
Barbara Ann Posts: 1032
I would ring Macys in Herald Square and book an appointment if it was me. I bought my bridesmaid dresses over there and when I got home I needed extra fabric for cravats and once I rang and explained there was no problem. They sent away for the fabrice for me and shipped it here no charge. The girls are lovely in there much friendlier than RK Bridal. I went there and it was really busy with very few unfriendly staff. Enjoy NY
b08 Posts: 1
Was in new york last week and went to rkbridal and was really happy with their service, people are lovely and there are LOADS of dresses. You can only try on 7 at a time though so if they are busy you might have to try some on and then wait until a space is free again, so might be a good idea to really look at their website and try on dresses here if poss. The prices are great, think i've saved over 1000. Dress doesn't arrive until March so we'll see how customs are!!!
Lucille-Bluth Posts: 1145
How does shopping at RK bridal work? Their website says no appointment necessary, you just show up and "sign up". Im only going to be in NY for 3 or 4 days and i dont want to spend half a day waiting in a shop for an assistant/changing room to try on stuff - would like to get in first thing in the morning, try on dresses and be gone again - is this possible or do you go in, get a time and come back? Also, Does any know which store in NY would have the best selection of Maggie Sottero dresses? These are the ones im mostly interested in! thanks