New York or Antwerp for engagement ring?

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wol-r-us Posts: 273
Hi there, Just looking for your opinion on where you think the best value Engagement ring can be bought? We have decided that we are probably going to go to either NY or Antwerp but we are not sure which. Antwerp is less expensive to get to but NY could have better value. What do you think? :thnk
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Well I know its not on your poll but I”d highly recommend Dubai – we got my ring there earlier this year. Was a fab trip and the value in rings is brilliant over there. My ring has been valued at 4 times what we paid for it by a jeweler here! If you want any info on it just pm me.
mar09 Posts: 469
I personally think Antwerp for the reason you say that its cheaper to get there. I think you can get the same good value in both places. We went to Antwerp for mine. I would recommend you stick with one of the Jewellers associated with the council as these places are gauranteed, Some of the Jewellers out there are total gangsters and you've no come back. The ones associated with the council are all above board. I personally would highly recommend Philipe Harold. We found him Brilliant. H2B had appointment made with him for the day we arrived and we picked out what i wanted and we picked it up the day we were leaving. if you pay in cash you get an even better deal - 20% vat! Ours was valued at twice what we paid for it here. I would also recommend that ye stay 3 - 4 days to be sure ye get what ye want. Antwerp is a lovely city for a breakaway. We are going back in July for the wedding bands. Hope this helps.
wol-r-us Posts: 273
Hi sillysocks and mar09, thanks for your replies. I am leaning towards Antwerp at the moment purely because I have been to NY a few times before. Sillysocks, pmd you about Dubai. Mar09, did you fly to Charleroi and get the train to Antwerp from there? If so, was it a direct train, did you have your train booked before you arrived and how much roughly does the train ticket cost?
mar09 Posts: 469
No, we flew into Brussels with Aer Lingus. H2B said that it would have been cheaper alright to fly into Charleroi with Ryanair but he decided against it so that we wouldn't have a long train journey from the airport. We got off plane and literally went down 3 or 4 flights of stairs to get the train, asked for 2 tickets to Antwerp and if we had to change anywhere. It was so easy and i think it cost us something like €40 for the return. We were at our hotel inside an hour from the airport! We stayed in the Hilton on the executive floor which was fab. Really lived it up for the few days. All in all we probably didn't save a whole pile of money as we still spent what we would have here but we got better value and better quality diamonds! plus had a fab breakaway so that we could really enjoy that special time on our own away from home.