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Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
Anyone reccommend getting the New York Pass? It looks like great value. Put this in The Honeymoon aswell but more traffic here.
perfection Posts: 837
whats the new york pass!! :-8
windycity Posts: 2241
hey, we got these. Excellent idea, saved so much money and hassle.
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Hiya not sure what this is but have been four times so if you need any info let me know!!
november2010 Posts: 70
Hi We got these on our last trip to NY, they were great, however I think we paid extra to have the bus tour included. This turned out to be a complete waste of money, the red tourist buses are way better (we have been on both red and blue buses). Sorry cant remember the names of the two companies! Definitely recommend the NY pass on its own, so handy! If you need any good places to eat or other info pm me. Can't wait to go back, we love love love New York. M
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
We got the 7day New York pass on our reecnt holiday to New York in June. We were there for a total of 10days and knew we were going to see a lot of sites, so we thought it would be well worth it. We picked the places we wanted to go and added up entry cost of all of them and then checked the price of the ticket which made us huge savings. Not only that there was entry in other places which we wouldn't have gone to only for we had the pass and said we may aswell, eg the Intrepid Air and space museum,which I didn't think would be any good but thought it would be something cool for h2b to do but have to saw we both enjoyed it. We got to see concorde, the huge aircarft carrier and go inside a submarine which was used in the cold war.We also did a cool boat tour around manhattan which I never would have thought of doing only for it was included on the pass and I have to say it was probably one of the highlights of our trip. Except if I was doing it again I'd go near the start as the tour guide pointed out loads of places worth going to, even nice restaurants etc, which we didn't know about but it was too late for us to try them out then. If you need anymore info just let me know
Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
Thanks girls, im going to order them 2nite.. November 2010 & MrsG2b2011, i'll have ye plagued with questions bfore I go!!