Newborn AND christening gift??

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AmandaMc Posts: 1813
A good friend recently had a baby and I bought a present- outfit from marks, bibs and a hat. It wasn't expensive, about 30 euro I think. The christening is coming up- it's family only for a sit down meal and then friends are joining that evening for finger food. Not being tight but just wondering is it the norm to buy both a gift when baby is born and then a christening gift? Or is it one or the other (never usually get invited to christenings so don't know what protocol is). One of the girls just emailed about chipping in together for a christening gift but they didn't get a newborn gift as far as I know. I didn't spend a lot on the newborn gift so will prob chip in for this larger gift anyway but just curious to know what the usual is or what's expected as such.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
well when ds was born he got gifts, the same people bought him something small for his christening 7 weeks later. like a little outfit or €`20 in a card. when i go to christenings i also do this, dont like going empty handed. now if i hadnt got a gift when the baby was born i would probably spend 50 or so on the christening gift.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Thanks justwed, that's what I was thinking- i.e. something for around 20euro for the christening.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Whenever any of my eleventy billion nieces or nephes have been born I've got them something when they arrived, usually clothes and a teddy, and then something for their Christening as well. Never really thought about it, but I guess it is kinda doubling up! For the Christening, I've been Godmother so have bought a Christening bracelet, but for a normal Christening I've bought more clothes or maybe a photo frame or prizebonds or one time I bought a Name a Star After Your Kid certificate yoke. When it was my sisters, we bought bigger presents when the baby was born, like chipping in for a highchair or steraliser or Moses basket, the bigger practical things like. Also for when the babies were born, I often bought a present for the Mum as she actually did all the hard work! Did a hamper for my sister with Champagne and fudge and DVDs and books and nice smelly stuff, a kinda 'pamper yourself' basket. But Christenings it's been a token €20 job.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Smiley that's a lovely idea, a present for the mum! Must do that in future.... Yeah I think a token 20euro gift for the christening is perfect, just good to know what the norm is. Not that it should matter but at that age now where it's baby mania so it's still good to know ifkwim. Thanks!
pag Posts: 633
We got loads of presents when DD was born. Her christening was only two months later and we mostly got cards. A few people gave presents (older aunts and relations) but we honestly didn't expect them. I used to buy both newborn and christening presents but now usually only get one or other depending on whether the baby is first or not. If not first child I usually suss out what they would like or need by the time the christening arrives.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
When DS was born we got loads of gifts and we were totally surprised at his christening 2 months later at the amount of gifts we got then too. We certainly didn't expect christening gifts eps from people who gave newborn gifts. Some people who weren't able to make the christening actually sent gifts eventhough they had given gifts at his births.
mamalicious Posts: 255
We got loads from people when our LO was born and many gave again when the christening was on. I was really surprised and really didn't expect it. Peoples generosity was overwhelming and really unexpected. In my circle of close friends we usually give a present when baby born to baby and mum and a v small token for christening (eg - photoframe or bottle of bubbly) - I personally don't expect people to be giving something on each occasion.
MrsBump Posts: 869
In my circle of freinds/family you get 1 present, either a being born one or christening not both, but you'd get a card for both alright!! maybe were all tight arses :o0
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Card for both yes but definitely just a present for one unless DH or I was asked to be a godparent - then we'd get something special for a christening present!