Newborn, Breatfeeding & Soother Question

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halloweenbride Posts: 283
Hey ladies, DS one week old today- sleeps so well during the day, extremely settled and relaxed baby. The last 2 nights however he has been very hard to settle, 3am the first night and 2 am last night- just seems to want to feed but he can't possibly be hungry and won't settle in Moses basket or cot. Last night we gave him a MAM dummy at 2am and he was fast asleep within 2 minutes after hours of up and down. Then today, I looked up for advice on the internet and most sites seem to say don't give a BF baby a dummy until at least a month old as can cause nipple confusion and interfere with breast feeding, which is obviously the last thing we want, as it is going so well. Can any of you advise or share your own experience. We only plan to use it to settle him at night, never during the day. PLease help!!!
silíní Posts: 4219
Hallowween bride we used a soother with DD from one week of age and i bfed her successfully for 7 months!! The fussiness is really normal for the first 6 wks for so . It can often be wind. I always found that a soother worked for LO at times, but if she was hungry she wouldn't settle with the soother! She knew the difference between boob and soother straight away! Practically all my bf friends used soothers with no problem. Make sure you feed on demand and if you have a sleepy baby make sure to wake them every 3 hours for feeds during the day. Join the BF support part II thread on mums and kids too. What i also did was try to tank DD up from about 7pm on, feeding her more often to try to tank her up for the nighttime. I used a MAM soother as well by the way. I got of it at 3 months but it was fantastic at the start and i'll certainly use one next time if i have settling problems. Good luck with it all! S