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Flowerangel Posts: 320
Hi Girls Has anybody seen the new Newbridge Silverware range, theyre doing Hollywood Glamour....Fab!! Love these earrings :lvs :lvs [img:30cmpksr][/img:30cmpksr]
claire sheerin Posts: 295
Wow, they're really beautiful it's a nice change for Newbridge. I know personally, I can only wear 9ct gold or sterling silver as I'm allergic to rolled/ silver plated jewellery and as far as I know Newbridge's silver isn't sterling. Claire
fizzy Posts: 113
i got these for my wedding :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Flowerangel Posts: 320
Ohhh Fizzy are they as stunning as the picture, i think they would be beautiful. :lvs ...Good choice, think I might go with them myself:thnk
joker Posts: 2789
they are fab, after seeing your post i looked up the range...its fab... I hate the way Newbridge increased their prices again after lowering them... >:o(
Kazzy Posts: 264
They are fab, really pretty. I love Newbridge jewellery. DH baught me a lovely chain and pendant for my birthday last yr from Newbridge and I have a fab watch from them 2. I might hint about those earings for my birthday this year !! :o)ll
HamletBride Posts: 376
I love love love Newbridge silverware. They are gorgeous. I will definitely have to go down to the store and have a look.
Kop Mama Posts: 804
HI girls these earings are in the killkenny store in nassau at. Sen them yesterday and will defo be a purchase for the wedding or not :o0
adorable Posts: 249
they are fab.....think i'll be purchasing them too!!!!! Posts: 92
They are fab aren't they! If you want to buy any of these I have setup a code for WOL ladies and it will give you a 5% discount coming up to Easter! Just enter WOLEas at the checkout! And look at these: they are some of my favourites!! Here is all of the Newbridge I have bought loads Sian xx