newbridge to tallaght

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meowwww Posts: 295
Hi Im going to be commuting from newbridge to tallaght village soon and need to be in for 9am anyone know how long this takes with traffic and is going through citywest the best route?
Ms A1 Posts: 173
Well it really depends on the traffic, you could make it in less than 20 when there's no traffic but usually it will take about 40 to 45 minutes. I go through Citywest, Newlands Cross does be a nightmare at rush hour. I use Newlands Cross to go home if I work late though, with no traffic it takes less than 5 minutes to get onto the Naas Road. Citywest is slow enough but it's constantly moving. One of the girls here comes in through Rathcoole but I don't know that way. HTH
Ms A1 Posts: 173
I timed it this morning, I passed the Curragh entrance to the M7 at 7.40 and got to Tallaght at 8.20. Traffic through Citywest was very light but it was a bit heavier than normal on the N81 HTH
meowwww Posts: 295
Thanks that doesnt seem too bad, Rathcoole/saggart I would think would be a bit more congested then citywest I was hearing some horror stories and people telling me it eould take 2 hours?!?!?
Fifi Le Fume Posts: 1718
Traffic is always lighter at citywest on a monday. Dont know why!! It can be fairly busy but keeps moving so that would probably be your best way to go. It wouldnt suprise me if it did take so people 2 hours. I work in rathcoole and i had a dentist appointment at the square at 10 one day. Left work at around 9 and i was late. Got there about 10 past. :eek But if you start work for 9 you'll be fine.
Ms A1 Posts: 173
No way it would take you 2 hours, I think an hour and 15/20 is the longest it's taken me from the Curragh. I have obviously just jinxed myself and it will take me 2 hours tomorrow!