Newly engaged, planning wedding in Ireland from abroad

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toorak Posts: 5
Hi everyone, I'm just 2 months engaged and plan to get married Aug 2012. I'm living in OZ at the moment but will be coming home to Ireland to get married so will be living on these sites to get into the groove! First, torn between Fri & Sat wedding, personally I love Friday weddings cos I'm always up for the weekend's craic and almost perfer the after party on a Saturday to the actually wedding day. However, times are different and people don't have the same money to a couple of yrs ago to have a full weekend of accomodation and the extras. My H2B feels it's unfair to ask people to give up a day a on a Friday - most of his mates are tradesmen so hit by the "R". what's the current feeling about Friday v's Saturday? ( most friends ar early 30's and some have young families, those that don't are mad for road, also H2B's family live 4 hrs away and will need to factor travel) Currently hotel and church is availabe both dates we're looking at and no differnce in cost which ever day. Secondly has anyone organised their wedding at home in Ireland from overseas and any tips/tricks you could recommen? eg. band to me is a big part of wedding but we don't get home and want to book a band sooner to get someone good, but won't have seen the live. Bridesmaid dresses... I prob won't get to go shoping with the girls... things like that.. Thanks in advance :wv
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
hiya, welcome to WOL!! :wv we're getting married on a friday.. also had the choice of a friday or saturday but went with the friday to make a weekend of it! if a weddings on a saturday, most people take the monday off anyways! theres a lot of wollies here getting married on a friday or a saturday so dont know what the general thought is,... sure there are wollies getting married on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays as well.. go with whatever day you want.. its only 1 days work for them! there are a few wollies knocking around planning from abroad.. otherwise if you know of any names of bands etc, we should be able to help with reviews :wv
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Congrats and welcome! First off where will the wedding be so wollies can help with suppliers close to you? Re the Friday vs Saturday, I wouldn't have a preference really, but I would advise you that this is your wedding and you should go with what you and your OH want, if you fall into the trap of pleasing others the wedding planning will become very difficult, very quickly!!! Best of luck :wv
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Hi and congratulations :) I'll be honest. I don't like Friday weddings for the reasons mentions. I am contracted to work saturday mornings so realistically I have to take Friday and Saaturday off for a wedding unless I am going home nice and early. I have one 5.5 hour drive from me this summer so I am infact taking 3 days off as need to travel for it. At the end of the day though its what suits you and your H2B. As for planning from afar, I am not in the same situation as you but I am planning on getting married in my home town which is 5.5 hours drive from where we live and from OH's family. Its not easy to plan but the main thing is to start early. The band issue is a tricky one as its always a good idea to see a band live. In this case recommendations, youtube and friends/family ready to go see bands is the way to go. Most suppliers have websites so contacting people shouldn't be too difficult though you will need to plan your hair/make up trials for when you arrive home - hopefully you can get some ideas yourself and maybe see a hairdresser where you live now and have pics taken?
toorak Posts: 5
Hey Ladies, Thanks for the advice, in the end we've gone for Saturday but as my H2B is from the North of Ire so it's a Bank holiday up there so at least that crew will have an extra day for the next day celebrations should they be able to stay around. planning going good, got the dress so the rest will just happen :-) Narrowing down band now... thanks again! :wv
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
Hi! I'm Irish but live in Germany and am getting married in Ireland next year. I found the planning not too stressful so far to be honest (well, apart from date and venue...which were a bit of a nightmare but after that no major headaches!). I went on the recommendations of friends as regards booking stuff - photographer, DJ, hair and make up. You could spend ages agonising over who to book for what but when you're abroad I think it's better to just ask someone you trust and go with it. I also didn't ask around for too many opinions. Everyone has different ideas and wants to give their two cents worth! I asked one or two people for advice and that was it. Best of luck!