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Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Where do you actually start. As a couple we have always said we would get married abroad for the wedding. Now i have to plan it i'm not so sure anymore. Its even stressing me out about who to invite etc. I have always said the wedding would be filled with immediate family and close friends, now im not so sure. Its an exciting time and naturally i want everything to be perfect. Bearing in mind i do not want a hotel wedding here, unless i can rent out the whole hotel for the entire wedding. Not asking for much :) ha ha just some advice please x
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
It's all about budget i'm afraid! We were going to get married abroad, but decided against it in the end becasue a) you only save money because less people go and b) it was very stressful to arrange, and my Grandparents wouldn't be up to travelling We are now having a small wedding at home in England, with just close friends and family. We looked into having the big Irish wedding and had a venue picked, but it was just too expensive. I'll be 24 on the big day and don't want to get into debt over one day when I could be saving for a house etc. So we're only having what we can afford to pay for ourselves, cash, that we save between now and then. So the first thing you need to do is work out where the money will come from - how much can you save, will you need a loan, are parents contributing etc... Then work out how much you can spend. Work out how much you can afford per person for the reception and email some venues to find out what they charge, and what is included. Be mindful that you may end up paying for corkage, chair covers - random things like this that might not be in the package and can be very costly. If you're set on doing it abroad, you will need a wedding planner and in my experience, these cost between 500-750e. This should probably be one of the first things you look into as well, asthey will be able to give you a guide on prices in your chosen country. If you have Portugal in mind, PM me as I can recommend a very good wedding planner that we almost used :wv
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Firstly congratulations!! O-O Now don't stress. It can be really enjoyable if you keep your head. At this stage you need to decide on a rough budget (and then blow it!!!). Look at venues home and abroad. You might find one in ireland that you adore or you might find a place abroad that suits you. You need to make up a very rough guest list. This is to give you an idea of whether you are looking for a venue for 50 guests or 250 guests. You do need a rough idea as it is the biggest factor in your budget and rules out alot of locations. I got engaged 1 month ago. We're both the first in the family to get married and both very traditional so we were both happy to have a wedding in ireland. We made out a rough guest list and we looked at areas we liked. We both loved one area and our guest numbers cut down out hotel options to only 4. Viewed all 4. Both loved the same one. Booked it. Booked band (who i have really wanted and book up early so i moved fast!!). Booked make up artist (again coz she books up fast and i had someone in mind). Obviously booked my church same day i booked hotel!. Asked my girlies to me bridesmaids (LOVED this bit!! So exciting). It's not stressful unless you make it stressful. DO you know when you want to get married? We're getting married 14 months after we got engaged so that gave me my time frame. HAve certain things i want booked before christmas. Just set targets and don't be afriad to allocate certain jobs to OH!!! If you don't ask he won't volunteer and you'll get sick of doing it all on your own fairly fast!!!! My parents and his parents have been soooooo helpful as well. Good luck!!!! Ask any questions here and you'll get so much help no matter what you decide!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
And BTW the are plenty venues in ireland available for exclusive booking so you can book the entire hotel out for you and your guests. O-O
teapotty Posts: 2085
Congratulations & welcome to wol- you'll be hooked before you know it :duh: I remember when I got engaged and started looking into wedding ideas, potential guest list, the cost of stuff etc I had a mini meltdown- it is very overwhelming at the start. 1) Decided [b:21i4exov]when[/b:21i4exov] you want to get married and [b:21i4exov]how much [/b:21i4exov]you want to spend- these two things are one and the same as you need X amount of time to save X amount of money for X date. Draw up a budget of everything- from the big things like venue, band, photographer & dress to the smallest things that you think cost *nothing" :yelrotflmaosmilie: like candles, hair, makeup, shoes, underwear, legal & reglious requirements. 2) Decide what [b:21i4exov]type of wedding and how many guests[/b:21i4exov] you'd like and start looking into the options- hotel, restaurant, castle, abroad etc. BTW there are small hotel and wedding venues that you can book out fully for just your wedding. I know Ballymagarvey village is one but other wollies will tell you all about the others. I'm not too good on venues. I hope this helps. Just look at things in logical order- money & dates first followed by actual decisions on venue etc
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
+1 on what the other wollies have said!! And CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! :o)ll
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Thanks, thats all been really helpful. We just bought a house and put all of our savings into that, so literally with the wedding we are starting from scratch again to save. Am only engaged 6 days so dont know if i am being a bit premature with thinking about plans, as we have decided it will be summer 2012 when we marry. This is to give us enough time to save. Going away is what we had always talked about, but am worried about kids being there etc, as it is i will have a stepson and have no idea what arrangemnets there would be for him etc. However i do like the idea of a castle or a mansion rented out for the weekend! I will make a list of guests, but will prob need to discuss with my parents and in-laws because we want it ti be quite intimate. For example one of mu cousins is a good friend, but other cousins i dont talk to. I dont wnat the family torn apart cos i have invited one cousin and not the others etc. Therefore im finding it hard to even write down a list :weep All your suggestions were a great help
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
I would suggest going to some wedding fairs as well, this will give you a good idea of prices. They're so much fun and will get you all excited!
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Sent you a PM michelle Oooh any wedding fairs at the mo or coming up? I just missed one in croke park this weekend i think
havemovedon Posts: 2013
Some good advice already given but I'd also add that most venues which offer exclusivity also charge a hefty amount to do so. Also, having been to a few weddings in these kind of venues, most of them have very little accommodation on site. It has kinda split the party, for want of a better description, in my experience when more than half the guests aren't staying on site. We had also looked into going abroad but the expense for our guests (even though it would have been family and close friends only) made us decide to stay in Ireland. The other part of my two cents is to start looking NOW for a venue and settle on a date. The best suppliers book up very early, and I don't think you can ever start researching, emailing and phoning bands and photographers too early. Regardless of how many guests you will be having these basics will need to be booked as soon as possible. Things like invitations, flowers etc aren't as important at the early stages.