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Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi all, I got my BFP at the wkend, I can't get a doctor's appointment before Thursday so I'm holding out, doing all the right things - folic acid etc. My question is, those of you who've gotten through this phase, what were your symptoms back at the start? I am having awful AF-like pains, more than two weeks now and a pain in a certain place in my back. Got the tiredness and the odd queasy spell, but its the AF pains that are really freaking me out, they are constant, like sharp pangs within my womb/tum - is this normal? are they ever going to stop? this is on my list of questions for the doc on Thurs, as 35 more weeks of this and I'll be in a heap :-8 , thanks a million as I'm a total novice at this.
Mrs J Posts: 387
I can only go from my experience and I felt like I was getting my period for a week/10 days around the time I got my BFP (not particularly bad cramps as I never really had bad period pain). I mentioned it to my doc at the first appointment and she told me it was completely normal so try not to worry! And Congratulations!!!!
Mentos Posts: 155
Hello Dootsay :wv I posted over on ttc. Went to doctor this evening and I'm definitely pregnant. She said due date 4th June. We can't believe it. Thank God I was on the pill all those years or else I'd have a dozen children by now! My period was due last Wednesday (30 day cycle). I had usual period symptoms before......few spots, swollen belly, lots of bowel movement (sorry, I know it's yuck). I didn't think for a minute that I was pregnant. Yesterday evening I took a look at myself in the mirror and thought that I looked very pale and I've been very tired so, that's what made me buy the test. I'm here in bed now and I'm starved!
oirish Posts: 1541
congratulations !! the cramps are normal - stretching pains - you uterus is growing very very fast now to accomodate it's new lodger :) I've only had nauseua on and off until friday and now i'm vomitting but some people are lucky enough to never be sick !! rest as much as you can in the evenings, look after yourself now :)
Dootsay Posts: 958
Thanks girls - thank god the AF pains are normal. I suppose they're not AF pains anymore!!! but stretching/pg pains, it's just so new. Can't wait to get to the Doc to get everything confirmed at this stage *)