Newly pregnant... excuses for not drinking???

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All Loved Up Posts: 135
Hi All, Making the massive jump over from TTC to here for the first time. Got my BFP last Friday. Have my GP appointment later today, so I guess I'll know more then. My first question is excuses for not drinking... I was always known as being fond of a tipple... any excuses or smart answers that work? I am terrified of people being cheeky and asking me outright am I pregnant. Gues I'm afraid I'll blush or laugh and give the game away. Any tips for handling the social situations?
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Tell people that you are on antiboctics, taking a break cause you drank so much over last few weeks..... There ones i used for last 10 weeks
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Antibiotics is always a good one! Another is to stay out of rounds when you go to the pub! Who's to know that there is no vodka in your 7up or orange juice if there's nobody there when you order it? Tell your friends that you are on a detox for a few weeks and that means no booze! Complain away to your hearts content then about how your sick to the teeth of no booze, eating 10lbs of veg a day etc etc! If someone insists on buying you a drink let them! Go to the bathroom and on your way out swap it for a soft drink!
kittysue Posts: 1016
Get hubbie to buy your becks nobody will know. If you're drinking at home, it's a bit easier to disguise it...... but out in a local pub I'm not so sure. Be a designated driver. tell them you had a rough night the night before and you're just taking it easy. We haven't been out much lately but that's coz money is a bit tight at you could always say you're trying to save for a holiday or something...
kittysue Posts: 1016
sorry double post
JungleBook Posts: 34
Was in a pub at the weekend and I said I had Cystitis and that I need to drink loads of water/cranberry juice to flush it out. I think this is a fairly good one as it explains why you appear well in yourself and why you are going to the toilet a lot too! x
Krusty Posts: 9
Jungle Book - love that excuse about the Cystitis! I had a wedding last weekend and slyly swapped my full glass of wine with hubbie' s half glass a few times during dinner and then had the orang/7up / Sparkling water in a slim jim glass for the rest of the night - Sparkling water looks very like Tonic water as well so I was on G & T for some of the night as well (wink wink!) Have to say it was a form of hell as was just getting annoyed at everyone else getting drunk and must have been hormonal as well as was really narky! Plus my brother was there and guessed I was pg so I had to spent a lot of the night denying it! And I get to do it all again at a wedding this weekend and another the weekend after.... ok.. am done with my rant!... thanks for reading!
Krusty Posts: 9
Oh another good one is that you are having trouble with a tooth and that you are on an anitbiotic called Flagyll... of all of them you cannot touch a drop of drink on that one as it will make you very ill.....
blueboots Posts: 833
I just pretended I was drinking. I normally drink vodka and coke so I just ordered coke in the right type of glass. Worked great. To be honest the antibiotic story would never work in my circle of friends.
MrsBuck Posts: 846
Congrats on your bfp! As blueboots said, antibiotics would never have worked for me, so i got OH to do the fake gin and tonic thing. We had a christening in a friends house and i brought a bottle of non alcoholic white wine in my handbag and used to fill my glass from that in the loo!