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Mrsdosser Posts: 341
Firstly, congratulations!!!! :) Private care usually costs in the region of 5000 euro all in (prices will vary by consultant and hospitals) You don't need to hold off seeing your gp, I would still go and even get on board with the public system and you can move to private care then at any stage. I'm sure if you google public vs pirate care there's ample info out there on what that is so you can make an informed decision.
Burnham Posts: 153
Congratulations Fashionpassion14. I hope you are keeping well. The main cost of private care that the patient has to pay herself is the consultant's fee. The fees I've come across in the three maternity hospitalsin Dublin vary between 2.3k and 4k.Depending on your health insurance you will get a small amount back (maybe €300) and can claim 20% back on the balance from the Revenue on the Med 1. Depending on the consultant you may have to pay for your 20 week scan (about 160e). For your hospital cover, you would need to check your health insurance to see if they cover private accommodation. They generally do. I opted for private care and was happy with it. There is lots of information online about public and private care.Good luck with your decision.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
I didn't go private so cant give any advice there. I went public in Galway - same age as you and with 2 miscarriage previously. I went with the midwife lead care - where all my appointments were with midwives (always the same 2 ladies through out the 9 months). My appointments were scheduled the same day my overall consultant had clinics so if they detected a problem, I would be seen by the consultant straight away - so found the service very good. Definetly go and see the GP anyway and get things started - as MrsDosser said, you can swap to private at any time (Provided the consultant has space to take you) :babydust: :babydust: