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fifteensept Posts: 565
Hope someone can help me out I am taking my first trip to Newry next week, the sales are just to good to miss out on for baby stuff, can you recommend the best places to go for shopping for LO, never been so its all new too me. I know the have Smyths, Mothercare, Argos but wondering are these shops close to one another also if there are other good baby shops to visit while there, goin 2 try and get essentials i.e. Buggy, Car Seat, Parm etc
firefly78 Posts: 312
hi there, I was up in Belfast last week and got everything for my little ones arrival but was also in mothercare the other day and they have some very good deals on buggys down here too that I thought would be worth looking into further if I had not bought mine. The one in carrickmines is quite big so take a look before travelling. Although I have to admit I did save a fortune by going north for everything that I got. good luck
ConfusedBride2Be Posts: 463
Hi fifteensept, I went to Newry last weekend and I found Smyths to be the best value saying that they had very choice left for Buggys. The manager was telling us that the amount of visitors from the South in the past few weeks has been unreal. I would recommend maybe calling them first before you make the trip to see what buggies they have. We bought the intercoms, Quinny Buzz 4 buggy, changing unit, sterliser, Dr Brown Bottles and on those alone we saved over €450. We then went to Sainsbury's and stocked up on nappies, wipes, shower gels etc and saved a fortune too. The one hint I would give is to bring a certain amount of sterling as even though all the shops take euro some shop's rate isn't great. I think Monsoon were only giving 84p to the euro. There is a toy shop across from Sainsbury's in the same car park that is closing down but they had very little choice left in anything. We didn't see anything there at all. Happy shopping :wv :wv :wv :wv
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hi all, Hope we are all doing good. It looks like we all have the same complaints creeping in. I have had a few hip and leg pain issues too and was at physio during the week for it. I've been told to cut my walking as I am liable to get that horrible pelvic problem if I don't. Ugh. Too much walking when the joints and bones are softening is not good! Has anybody else decided what formula they are using? I am definitely bottle feeding and haven't a clue what to buy.