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Pip Posts: 11
Mornin Ladies Just wondered if anyone knows of a consultant or is attending one in newry. I got my BFP confirmed by GP yesterday and he gave me 3 names but suggested I speak to anyone who has attended them as word of mouth is usually best?!?!?! Any help or advice welcome ladies!!! Thanks :o)ll :o)ll
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi, not in the area, but just wanted to say CONGRATS!! :o)ll :o)ll Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy :thnk
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi I am going public in Daisy Hill and i chose Dr Sim.... had only heard of him or Dr O Hare and did not hear any positive things about Dr O Hare and loads of people said Dr Sim was great - we seen him last week for my scan and he is really nice - cos we are going public we may not see him every time but i would recommend him from the comments i had from people. Apparently Dr O Hare is not keen on induction and have heard a few cases where he gives really late dates for you and even midwives would say you are due sooner yet he will not induce befroe 10-14 days after his date.....I personally didnt like the sound of that. HTH :wv
Spoon Posts: 207
Mrs Maternal i am in Daisy Hill as well and i am due Sep 1st 2007 i am under Dr Mc Kinney who i met last wed for the first time at my scan, she is very nice. how r u feeling? are u showing yet?
Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
I am due 2nd September!!!we could be in at same time - i had only heard of OHare and Sims, had my scan last thursday and everything great - not showing yet but would say will start feeling ok apart from wrecked tired......this hasnt lifted yet - are you public or private - have another scan in 8 weeks - the anamoly scan and then to go to doc in 12 weeks and back to hospital in 15 are you getting on?
Pip Posts: 11
Cheers for the info Girls! I had Dr Sim & Dr O'Hare on my list. The other gut has a double Barrel name, cant think of it! Have you got number for Dr McKinney or Dr Sim? How long do you normally wait for your first visit etc??? As you can probably guess I am totally new to this and havent a clue where to start!!! Thanks Flutterby - I see your due 1 day before me!!! Happy & Healthy 8 months to you too!!!! :o0
Carmen Posts: 510
Hi there, I work in Daisy Hill and the other consultant is Mr deCourcey-Wheeler. Bit of a mouthful i know! Only heard bad things about O'Hare myself although i have had no actual dealings with any of them. Good word of mouth about the other 3 though. The hospital number is 028 (048 from the south) 30835000 and the secretaries extensions are Dr McKinney 2241 and Mr Sim 2267 And deCourcy-Wheeler 2256. Hope this helps some of you!