Next hosp visit not til 35 wks???

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Mrs..D Posts: 1741
I was with my consultant yesterday, which was my 28 week visit (few days out) and he told me to make appt with gp for 3 wks time and not to come back for hosp appt for 6 weeks! I will be 35 wks at that stage, that couldnt be right could it? On my combined care card I should have gp visit at 30 wks and then hospital at 32 wks which would be 4 wks time.....He's not particularly approachable so I didnt want to question him....
jill80 Posts: 565
Did you make appointment because if not, I'd pretend to have misunderstand and make it for 4 weeks time.He'll not remember what he said, you can just say you thought 4 weeks?
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
No they made the appt while I was there :o(
lastminutebride Posts: 785
That doesn't sound weird to me! I'm doing private, not combined care (kind of wish I'd done combined, but that's another story), but I'm on basically the same schedule as you, with appointments every three weeks - I had one at 28 weeks, one at 31 weeks and I've got another one when I'll be 34 weeks. I think if you and the baby are both totally healthy, they often leave longer in between visits. I know they did with my sister-in-law - in her last couple of months the consultant told her once or twice, 'You're both doing great, we'll leave it three weeks instead of two.' Is the consultant's secretary approachable? Would you maybe ring her and ask what the story is?
Mumslove Posts: 528
Yeh it doesn't sound right to me either, but it's been 3 years since I was in that situation. I thought once you were over the 30 weeks you need checkups from doc 1 week and then hospital the next week and that continues until full term. Maybe it's changed since but gosh I doubt you should have to wait another 6 wks for hospital appt. Speak to your doc about it, he may know the procedure
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Hey im every 2 weeks alternating with the hosp and gp, if I was you id either ring the hosp and rearrange the app with the consultant for a months time and say nothing just change it or you could wait a week and ring them and say your gp said there shouldnt be that much time between app's so can you go earlier! Good luck
lisa Posts: 1612
Mrs.d, I'm private and had app with ob last wed at 29 weeks and she told me to see my gp in 3 weeks time and her in 6 weeks time which sounds the same as you. I think if things are going well thats normal. After 35 weeks it will be every week, I think. I was a bit surprised too and got her to repeat it just in case I was wrong!