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AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
I've seen shoes I like on Next website - but I wanna try them on before I buy as depending on the shoes I could be a 5/6 or even 7! Is there any Next shops with all the shoes in stock? Or is there a way to order them in store so you wouldn't have to return them by post?? Also, for anyone who's got wedding shoes in Next - are they good quality/comfy?
Cotton Tail Posts: 71
Annie I've bought Next shoes. I tried on a good few pairs in the shop in a style near what the wedding ones are. That narrowed it down to 2 sizes for me. I ordered 2 pairs in both sizes so 4 pairs of shoes. Meant I had to pay out a good bit up front. I ordered the shoes to Blanchardstown so no delivery cost. Then when they arrived I went to the shop tried them all on, picked the one pair I liked and fitted best there and then and the girl took the others back and refunded the money back onto my card. I love my shoes, they are great value especially compared to other wedding shoes. So far they seem very comfortable but I've only worn them about the house.
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Did you order the shoes (the 4 pairs) in the Blanch store or online?? I'm looking for quite a low heel (2.5inches to be exact) and Next have a lovely pair...
ND2b Posts: 18
I was in Next in Blanch last week and they had most of their bridal shoes there on display, but not all of them. You can order the style you want in store if they dont have the ones you want and like the other poster said you will have to pay up front but get them delivered to your local store and there is no delivery charge.
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
I have ordered shoes online and got them delivered to a store. Delivery is free btw. As the previous posters said, you'll need to pay upfront but they'll put it back on to your card if you don't want them. Most stores don't stock an awful lot of shoes from the bridal range. They mostly have the super high heel ones there, for some reason.
amthee Posts: 688
You can order the shoes and get them delivered to your home - you would have to pay for the delivery. But you can return the shoes that you don't want to a shop near you. I had war with next a few weeks ago, my shoes went missing in transit and ended up waiting 5 weeks before I got them. I am half thinking of getting a second pair to have as my wedding shoes.
Cotton Tail Posts: 71
I ordered them all online and picked Blanchardstown as my collection point.
tlaslo29 Posts: 171
I got my wedding shoes in Next, I found they did run a bit large in sizes. But 40 Euro is a great price :innocent: :innocent:
Angelica Pickles Posts: 37
Hi Annie, I've got a fab pair of next wedding shoes low heel never worn if u want them? They are size 6, I'm normally a 5. Don't want any money for them, just don't want them to go to waste. If u wanna pm me ur address I will post. Still in the box and everything.
Angelica Pickles Posts: 37
Sorry just read ur post back and realised u've seen a pair unlike. Ah well, if anyone wants mine just pm me.