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Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
noooooooo! Im going to pretend I didnt see that
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
O Nothing BouncyL Hope you get them all :o0 BUT cant and dont wanta see/hear/talk about the c word yet
happyfiance Posts: 317
HOORAY for Christmas being only half a year away!!! :o)ll I'm getting married 1 week before Christmas, so double the excitement!!! O-O A pony sounds great, santa never brought me one though :wv
honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
I am cancelling Christmas this year.... :o(
honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
[quote="BouncyL":2gntlrxo][quote="HoneyPot!!":2gntlrxo]I am cancelling Christmas this year.... :o([/quote:2gntlrxo] Ah why Honeypot!???[/quote:2gntlrxo] Lack of funds and I always overspend [u:2gntlrxo]ALOT[/u:2gntlrxo]....
Mike Jackson Posts: 226
No christmas for me :o(
happy angel Posts: 928
love xmas got all kids gifts in jan sale shop was closing down so got for less half price woo hoo iv picked up few bits d other day for inlaws def have all shopping done bit by bit by nov no rushing this year or stress
candypants Posts: 8575
[quote="Mike Jackson":17ear0ks]No christmas for me :o([/quote:17ear0ks] :eek oh god :o0