Nice maternity wear for Christmas

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hoping4no2 Posts: 38
Hi everyone I have a day off this week so decided to go and get something to wear for my 3 nights out over xmas. Just wondering if any of you can recommend a shop in Dublin/Dundrum etc to go to get something. I've tried on some dresses which just make me look so big (I'm 18 weeks this week)! Nelo maternity has been mentioned to me but would like to have a few shops to visit. Thanks all
Princess Kate Posts: 734
Hi Hoping4no2, congrats on your pregnancy! Topshop have some nice bits, if you are going to be in the city centre the one on Stephens Green would be your best bet. Red Herring in Debenhams have some nice things too. Jojo Maman on Wicklow St might be worth a look although most of their stuff is v. casual. If you are willing to buy online I would recommend Seraphine. Nelo has nice stuff but it's quite pricey. Good luck and happy shopping!
Princess Kate Posts: 734
Oh and New Look in Jervis SC may also be worth a look.
clarenenes Posts: 118
have you tried they look to have some nice dresses. Also have some nice dresses but are a bit on the dearer side however if you have any weddings coming up they have lovely pieces
hoping4no2 Posts: 38
Hi girls Thanks so much for your replies. I'll try most of them when I'm up. Yes - I've looked up Nelo and it's quite pricey. I'm just looking for something to recycle over 3 nights out over xmas so I'll prob be sick of it after that. Don't intend spending too much on a dress as it's not for a wedding or big occasion. Thanks again for your replies - there's plenty to keep me busy!
dea aveta Posts: 254
I picked up this dress in black in Jo Jo Maman in Wicklow Street for €69 on Sunday. It's a fab fit and good quality for the price :
hoping4no2 Posts: 38
Oh that looks lovely dea aveta and reasonable too - will pop into them on Thursday too. Thanks.
hoping4no2 Posts: 38
Popped into Nelo and got a black dress (of course!) today. They have a sale on at the mo and I had plenty to choose from. Thanks for all your suggestions. Didn't get to half the places ye mentioned as I wasn't alone so will have to do a return visit!
Solar Powered Posts: 548
Where is Nelo maternity?
preghopes Posts: 468
Anyone see any nice red fitted maternity dresses on their travels.. online preferably!! (that wont break the bank!)