Nicole X Factor??

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lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi isn't Nicole great in the X Factor? She is so good to the contestants etc. Plus I love her dresses :lvs Anybody know where to get some like hers. She always looks fab
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Really liked her. She seemed to fit in v easily, you'd never think watching it she was a guest judge. Read in a magazine (so therefore it [i:1vv6ulfe]must[/i:1vv6ulfe] be true :o0 that Simon was v impressed with her and is looking for anything he can do to work with her again) Surprised Cheryl/Dannii got girls/boys again. They swapped from last yr and so did Simon and Louis. A few good acts in there, the live shows should be good!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I really like her too actually! Thought she was great at it. Always looked for the positive in people and was very professional. I think she'd be a fantastic mentor! Am only watching the show now on 3e so haven't seen who made it to the judges houses but you could nearly pick them anyway yourself.
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Hi Lovelyb2b :wv I love Nicole on The X Factor too, I think she's just brilliant! I read in a few different places that all but 2 of Nicole's dresses are Victoria Beckham dresses, the other two were highstreet apparently! Also I read that Nicole and Cheryl are going to be the judges (along with Simon obviously) on the American verion of The X Factor which is starting next year....also apparently next year Britain's Got Talent will be on ITV/TV3 from September - Christmas and The X Factor won't be back on in the UK until early 2012 to allow for Simon and Cheryl to film the US version of The X Factor!
Lilica Posts: 755
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I think Nicole is great. Missed it tonight. Anyone know who made it to the final 24? Haven't seen an X factor thread here yet {apart from this one}.
paperclips Posts: 3146
Think Nicole is great and prefer her to Cheryl. I read somewhere that some of her dresses are Victoria Beckham. She always looks amazing and she can stand up to Simon - looked like it was her idea to create the over 28 category. Think its a fix that Cheryl got the girls.
katgirl Posts: 1258
[. I was actually annoyed earlier that they gave the girls to Cheryl - they always give her one of the young groups - why not give her the Overs as a bit of a challenge?! I really do think that the whole programme is a bit of a fix and I am going off it more and more. +1 i was raging over this aswell, its such a fix they have given her a young category each year now i was hoping she would get the groups this year i mean she is part of a girl band for gods sake she should know out of all the judges the best songs to give the groups and how to break up the vocals and how to harmonise etc... but no give her the girls or boys and make its soo easy for her such a fix i was so annoyed over this im loving nicole aswell i thought she did a really good job and had some really intellegent comments and it was her idea to up the age bracket for boys and girls , i would really like to see her mentor a group aswell instead of danni tbh i think she could bring a lot more to the show and she actually came from one of those kinda shows in americia aswell so she will know what the contestants are going through and also to give Cheryl a run for her money cos its kinda a one horse race at the min.
redroses Posts: 714
I read weeks ago the louis was ragint with his catagory especially after hearing what the others had got and almost walked out. I mean every year hes given the groups. Apart from the year he had JLS he didnt really have much that appealed to the public. This year there are some good groups that louis would have like to have worked with and they gave them to simon! He prob would have put the rubbish ones through anyways!! Think simon summed it up perfectly....stitch up. Sharon osbourne is back next week!!!!!! I'm really happy Mary Byrne got through, fair play to her, her legs were achin and she got through it, it was so funny. I really like nicole as well, think she brings a lot to the show and was a great choice of judge, didnt actually miss cheryl and i normally like her.
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Had heard that about the X Factor in UK until 2012 and it going to the US but I didnt hear who the judges were going to be with Simon on it. So yippee about Nicole, I think she'd be great :o)ll As for her dresses I going have a look at V Beckham designs now and see if I spot any!! :o0 Not that Ill be buying them but I do think they are fab on her. I think Mary from Dublin is going to get very far. She is very good and will try anything. As for Cheryl getting the girls, I think she is really going to zone in on that 16 yr old girl Cher, she is so like Cheryl O-O