Nigellas Cookbooks - Which one?

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Cristalle Posts: 110
Morning all! I posted same query in Food and Drink but its very quiet over there so thought I'd ask here!! I have recently started to become a lot more interested in cooking but am still very much a beginner!! I'm going to buy one of Nigellas books but don't know which one to get and was hoping that some of you could help by recommending one you think is good! I want one for every day food - dinners when friends are over. Any suggestions???? Thanks xx
mrs van Posts: 210
I am going through a Nigella phase myself. Feast seems quite good - I love How to be a Domestic Goddess but its more baking and cakes. Check out On that site there is also a recipe index with some of her recipes and a forum where you can do a search on the topic I love reading cookbooks!!
Cristalle Posts: 110
Thanks Mrs Van! Yeah, had a look and I think its down to 'How to Eat' or 'Feast'. Some of the others look great too, but like you said are more focussed on baking which I haven't started yet!!! Maybe in another few months!! I want to master a few dinner dishes first! Any other suggestions?
mrs van Posts: 210
This website is great , its a food channel in the US they just had a series of Nigella on there. Here are a link for some recipes. Sometimes I find Nigella's dinner ideas a bit different. DH does not east fish and I am not a huge fan of lamb/chicken etc. They also have Rachel Ray who does "30 minute meals" which is good for easy dinner parties I know you are looking for a book as such, i have bought loads and to be honest I find the Weightwatchers ones great. I actually got the Jamie Oliver sent to me in word version - I will send it to you on monday if you like (its at work). I would love to prefect dinner parties as well - if only to show off my Vera Wang dinner service from my wedding list!!!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
how to eat is a good one - some of her other books have very "indulgent" and slightly mad recipes but that one concentrates on some of the basics of eating (with very tasty suggestions)
lainy - Apr 05 Posts: 264
I have Feast and its quite good but I have to say my favourite cook-books are Rachel Allens. They are really simple dishes if you are a novice like I am and she doesn't over-complicate things. The first book of hers is the best I think but there is a special in Easons at the mo where you can get her first 2 books for 30 quid. Have a quick glance at the contents pages first before you buy anything just to make sure you like the sound of things.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
BEWARE...I personally blame Nigella Lawson for my blossoming from a size 12 to a ...whatever I am now... >:o(
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
[quote="Chi Chi McG":3k11iwgq]BEWARE...I personally blame Nigella Lawson for my blossoming from a size 12 to a ...whatever I am now... >:o([/quote:3k11iwgq] i blame anyone who ever left a box of roses at the nurses station dam temptation O:| O:| :-8 :o0
clucky Posts: 26471
nigellas christmas cookery show starts this wednesday on BBC2 will be taping that for sure