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Walking Bump Posts: 2095
Had a horrible dream last night. It was my wedding day and when I went to start getting ready my aunt turned up to say that she was not going to come. I tried my dress on for me and it was too big as the shop hadn't made the correct alterations. I forgot to book my appointment to get my hair, make up and tan done so I had to do it myself and then when I went to put my shoes on I realised I'd no tights. Eventually I got a loan of pair of black tights from my mam and you could see them under my dress. Then when I went to put my shoes on, the shoes I'd bought had been eaten by maggots..... the only other shoes I had left were like the ones from Wizard of Oz and they just looked terrible with the black tights. I was 2 and a half hours late for the mass and everybody was just starting to leave as I arrived including H2b. I woke up in a terrible sweat last night girls. Horrible nightmare. Just thought I'd share :wv :o0
vickyplum Posts: 118
i feel for ya. the thing is tho that you always wake up feeling like you do in your dream! i remember dreaming ages ago that my fella cheated on me and i felt a little annoyed with him all the next day, even though he'd done absolutely nothing!!lol and im expecting many wedding nightmares the closer the wedding gets!!
AllisonR Posts: 249
Had a similar one to you Clio 07 on Sun morning. Woke up in my dream!? in my Grans and realised the wedding is TODAY and it was 8:30 and had a hair app at 9 which was a 45min drive away! PANIC! Also the clip in extensions I wanted werent even ordered and I would have to collect my veil and tiara from my mothers before the app. Very weird cause it was so detailed and real. I was as prepared for the wedding as I am now which means a lot of the little things were still to be done so I was freaked out that the booklets werent finished and we had only one reader and the candles which I decorated had no holders! The only good thing about it was I went and bought candle stick holders on Sun afternoon! Motivation horrid nightmare!
Faireez Posts: 973
All these nightmare stories are freakin me out a bit. And i have over a year to go. Currently dreamin bout livin in my parents old house and the neighbours which were my soon to be BIL had three camel walkin in and out of their front door. The baby one was pink. Think I'm goin a little bit mad
sept07 Posts: 59
Keep having nightmares about my dress! Normally in the dreams when I go to put in on its a completely different dress to the one I ordered. Or in another dream there is no music in the church when I arrive!!think they will only get worse from here on in!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
ive been havin them too where nobody turns up coz i havnt sent the invites and then forgot to book makeup... it must be part of the course
Angel! Posts: 1494
I've had the following nightmares... Had so many spots on my face on morning of wedding. Was squeezing them, but more kept popping up (I know...eugh) Fell walking down the aisle Turned up at church and there was another wedding on Forgot steps to first dance Hotel wasn't ready for us when we got there... Among others
chigli Posts: 266
I had a dream the other night that when I arrived at the hotel - all the guests were standing outside as the hotel didn't let them in. They told me that they had no record of my booking - I was furious & was giving out that they should have told me sooner - like when I dropped the cake off the night before. Eventually, they said we could have the reception in their sister hotel which was 2 hours away. I was so upset, I stormed off on my own. I think I was crying when I woke up as well! So sad. Actually I think that is my greatest fear is that something/someone I booked for the day won't show
ginger nut Posts: 5989
those dreams are all part of the joy of planning your wedding....i had dozens of dreams like that - mostly that i wasn't ready on time, but also - that i couldn't get my hair done, - that i had no makeup on, - that i hadn't shaved my legs/under my arms :eek - that my dress didn't arrive and i had to borrow a skirt from a friend, - that the dress was only 3/4 length adn you could see my hairy legs, :eek :eek - that my friend bought me wedding shoes off ebay which turned out to be second hand black irish dancing shoes (very fetching with the 3/4 length dress :o0 :o0 - that i arrived all hot and sweaty at the wedding - that i was changing in the back of the church and i realised all the guests could see me getting changed. horrible :o0
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Had my first wedding nightmare last week. My mother (who will be giving me away) stopped halfway up the aisle to talk to someone leaving me to walk the rest of the way alone. Our church has a main aisle and then 2 side aisles. Dreamt that everyone sat on the side aisle so I had to walk up that. We then had our wedding on the side of the altar steps and had no chairs as they were on the altar. Realised that we had forgotten to do the mass booklets and people were giving out. Some total randomer was the best man and he STOLE my shoes! :eek :eek Some other couple took up residence at the front of the church and me and H2B sat a few pews back. Kept saying to H2B that the mass booklets were gone. He had to reassure me that it didn't matter and to enjoy the day - meanwhile I was getting evils from all the guests who had no booklet. And the best man was prancing about in my Ginas. Throughout the whole thing, my mother was still nattering to someone back the church. Woke in a cold sweat to find it wasn't real. :o0 :o0