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claire sheerin Posts: 295
Hi all, I don't know how many of you were glued to the telly last night to watch the Eurosong contest. I was off last night for a change & waited in great anticipation of Nikki's song. She was absolutely brilliant, a true professional & looked fabulous. She got my vote!! But she was robbed!!! :ooh I can't eveh begin to imagine Nikki's disappointment after all the rehearsals & sacrifices she's made. Nikki you would have been a wonderful ambassador for Ireland on that stage in May. You have the whole package and should be extremely proud of yourself. I shall continue to recommend you! Big hugs, Claire
cat woman Posts: 897
defo agree with you claire she was robbed , she is a beautiful singer im sure she will go along way in the future , jedward what a joke ...
bridey99 Posts: 550
How was she "robbed"? Didn't the winner get more public votes? Does anybody take the Eurovision seriously anyway? Ireland seems to be the only country where people get their knickers in a twist over it. It has been a joke for years and is something you watch with a bottle of wine for a laugh, not to see the new Lennon and McCartney.
claire sheerin Posts: 295
bridey99, Nikki was leading the whole way through the voting and was beaten by a hair's breath. she was the more deserving candidate by far. i'm sure it's hard enough not winning but to be beaten by an act with absolutely no talent. i'll say no more
bridey99 Posts: 550
[quote="claire sheerin":3bwr8pvr]bridey99, Nikki was leading the whole way through the voting and was beaten by a hair's breath. [/quote:3bwr8pvr] So she wasn't "robbed" she got fewer public votes. Understand you're sticking up for a friend and all that but she wasn't robbbed of something. She's probably better off not being in Eurovision, it's not a serious competition. I quite liked Jedward's song, it's very suited to Eurovision.