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Glittergal Posts: 1504
Has anyone seen these in any stores, do any games come with it. Was thinking of getting this for H2b after seeing it on the toy show he was only saying the other day that it would be cool if you could get a game that follows your movements and hey presto the toy show had it on when he fell asleep so it would defo be a surprise. I'm after asking him all day what he wants and anything I originally thought of is down the pan incl the gps.
Redfraggleathome Posts: 159
there is 5 in total in europe so i say u have two chances of getting one f8ck all and damn all
Glittergal Posts: 1504
are you serious? well that idea is down the pan then Is there anything out there that is similar. He loves the old boxing games and it would be cool to get something that he could move to at the same time without needing control sticks. Ill have to get my thinking cap back on again now though
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Glittergal Posts: 1504
Hiya, Thansks for that, I looked up the details of where all the stuff from the toy show came from and I seen they came from Smyths and I had a look on their site it just says out of stock so I emailed them to see when they are getting them in.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi there, They come with one sports game with 5 games in it- bowling, baseball, tennis, boxing & golf. They retail at 269 in smiths and I ordered Hubbys about 4 wks ago and the had warnings of low stock then so I'd get on the phone asap! He says the second wave of releases is Dec 15th so you might get one in that one either. Good luck, Michelle.
NoreenJ Posts: 81
Try eBay......
Redfraggleathome Posts: 159
I stand corrected - sorry :-8
2557 Posts: 885
xtra vision are taking orders from friday apparently. i've ordered H2B's in HMV henry street. they're not taking any more orders from Game, or HMV grafton street or the square. and smyths didn't answer their phone......
Phoenix Posts: 836
Hey there,.... You can order them from GAME or Gamestop as well....anywhere that sells XBoxs will have them... But if I were you I would try and reserve one. H2B loves computer gamese, and is getting himself one (I was supposed to get it for him but he won't wait to play it till Christmas) so he is getting it himself...I think it will be in the shops on Friday. Its meant to be brilliant.