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lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Anyone know if the Nissan Almera hatchback is compatible with the Maxi cosi isofix base? Was going to get the iCandy Apple and this car seat but want to be sure before I buy! It's too wet to go outside and check the car! >:o(
jarashow Posts: 3083
You should be able to check on the maxi cosi site. They have an option where you can check your car and the year etc to see if it is compatible. If you don't have isofix you can just use the normal base though.
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
I'm sorry to say it's not, I posted about this the other day. We had a nightmare getting a car seat for our Nissan Almera. If it's a new model Almera you maybe in with a chance as most of the new models are fitted with the Isofix. If it's an older model, you'll find it difficult to get a car seat to fit. Another reason for the car seats not fitting is because the seat belt buckles are approx 2inches out from the seat which obstructs the car seat from sitting on the base (easy fix base) Every place we went to has the same reaction when we mentioned that we had a Nissan Almera. We eventually got a car seat yesterday in Tony Kealy's of Walkinstown (after they tried at least 6 different types), we ended up getting a Brittax Cosy Tot as it was the only one that would fit properly. I would recommend going directly to Tony Kealy's as they seem to be the most informed about this issue with the Almera's. I was gutted we couldn't get the Maxi Cosi to fit as I also have the Icandy pram and want the car seat to sit on the frame as it would be easier for getting the baby in/out of the car if sleeping. HTH's Let us know how you get on!