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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Has anyone got a nissan qashqui Car/Jeep? Im thinking about changing my car and i really like the look of the nissan qashqai's. Would you recommend it? Is the back seat big as in 3 full back seats? I currently have a WV Passat and its great for boot size but with the 2 kids car seats in the back there is very little room in between them for anyone to sit.
cuppatea Posts: 311
Bumping - we're also thinking of getting one of these!
Double Trouble Posts: 915
I've had one for the last 3 years now and love it. BUT it is not as big as it looks on the outside at all! I have two car seats in the back and it is a real squeeze for someone else to sit in the middle, we only do it in emergencies really. I am thinking of changing it for something with three full seats in the back for that reason. Also the boot isn't huge, it's grand but I'd say the one on a passat is probably bigger. But I love driving it, has never given us any trouble and I love how high up it is hth
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
A friend has one. It's lovely at comfortable to sit in the front. Nice being up a bit higher. There isn't an awful lot of room in the back. She has 2 kids & they fit in fine but don't think there is a lot of room then. Boot not massive. I like them but they are like a lot of that type if car & look bigger than they are
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
When I got my car I looked at the Qushqai and the Yeti and loved them both, but like the others said, the amount of space for the size of the car isn't great. Neither would be comfortable for anyone sitting between two seats and certainly wouldn't take 3 car seats (if that's going to be a concern in the future). We ended up with a CMax and I love it. Great boot, nice high seats and I can even fit my huge ass comfortably between a rear facing car seat and a toddler seat, both isofix.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I have one, I love it, great car and very economical but as the girls have said the 3 seats on the back arent huge, Im soon gonna have 2 carseats in the back and im dreading having a 3 adult in the car as the middle seat is tiny. The boot while not huge isnt tiny either, that wouldnt be a worry for me at all :wv
Wheeler dealer Posts: 38
A friend had one and like you I fell in love with the look of it and was going to buy one but then found out it wouldn't take the maxi cosi axiss car seat....something to do with seat belt crunch. I took her 1.5 diesel for a spin and found it quite sluggish. (I'm not a rally driver!) my friend has since got rid of hers and bought a passat....much bigger car and much more boot space especially with buggies, etc. HTH
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
I have one, I love it. Nice drive, good height, feel safe in it etc...but we were only saying today that when baby two comes along we will get something bigger for me (I'm pushing for a Discovery :o0 ) The boot is big, but once a buggy and some messages are in there it is full, so often I'd have groceries in the back seat also for a full shop.
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
I drive one too and have to say I absolutely love it. Recently had my 3rd baby and have to say its very tight with 3 in the back. At the moment I have a Britax car seat, a highback booster and the baby carrier. They just about fit but when I move the baby into a proper car seat I don't think all 3 will fit. I've been looking to change and I'm thinking about a ford c or s max. Panini roses did you buy your car new or second hand? GP you mind me asking how much it cost? Trying to budget whether I can afford a new car or not? Can I ask what the boot space is like as I need to fit a double buggy in? Passat would definitely have more boot space too
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
We got ours second hand nearly 3 years ago. It's an 08 1.6diesel, the standard package. I traded in an 04 1.1 Peugot 206 when we bought it, and I think we paid €9k. At the time they were really difficult to get (they are the lowest/2nd lowest tax band so very popular), and possibly a bit on the dear side. I find the boot great. I have a Baby Jogger city mini double and it stands upright against the back seat no problem with enough room for 2 suitcases as well (as checked the night before we went on holidays last year!).