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hestia Posts: 2368
From The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock. Would you be willing to give up sex for one year if you knew it would give you a much deeper sense of peace than you have now?
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
No. If I gave up sex I would a raging cranky maniac and no amount of deep inner peace would hlep that :o0
Kaniela Posts: 458
Couldn't give it up completely.. Slighty frustrating that my sex drive has dropped since getting pregnant.. And that's limited sex, would be a walking bag of awful if I had none altogether!!
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
I'm quite happy with the balance of sex and peace in my life right now. I can imagine that if I was single and in a bad places mentally a certain amount of celibacy might help and I would be willing to try it.
whoop whoop Posts: 1616
Definitely! No problem. Not sure what a 'sense of peace' is really, but it sounds great.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Guess it depends on what the exact definition of sex is. Married/relationship or single? I'm married so if I gave up sex, my husband would have to as well and that wouldn't be fair. Also good sex with the person you love gives you a sense of peace, that in my mind, is unrivalled. If single and not in a relationship, for sure, I could go without for a year to get my head in a good place. Love yourself before you love anyone else and all that jazz. However, in the same vein - would masturbation be allowed? I couldn't go a year without the physical release, I don't think anybody could. Even if you didn't do it yourself, eventually it'd happen in your sleep!