'No added sugar' drinks

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Pink Peonies Posts: 40
Hi everyone, I am new to WOL and due to be Chief Bridesmaid for my sister next year, hence the great diet of 2007 is on :-8 I am trying to drink my two litres of water a day, but struggle unless I add no added sugar miwadi - is this okay? A work colleague mentioned today that this is not as beneficial as water on its own, but I remember a WW leader recommending this a few years ago? Also, the same colleague mentioned that the asparatame in sugar free drinks is really bad for you - has anyone else heard this? Thanks in advance for any help given :thnk Bluerosebright
foxy bride Posts: 778
hey id like to know the answer to this as well ???????? :eek
redwifey Posts: 2932
As far as I was aware the no added sugar has zero points and this was recommended to me in WW classes too in the past. I dont think there would be a huge difference between this and normal water..correct me if i am wrong!
goldie. Posts: 1233
I looked up about the aspatame last year. I heard some really bad things on the radio but they appear to be blown out of all proportion. I think that there can be problems if the diet drink is left to warm in direct sunlight for long periods of time but otherwise it should be OK. Obviously pure water is the best for you though.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
"No added sugar" is not the same as "Sugar free". Honey has no added sugar, but it's still pretty fattening!
Pink Peonies Posts: 40
Thanks everyone for your replies - I really aprpeciate it! If anyone has any further info or recommendations that would be great!
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I see a dietician and she said that water with miwadi is better than not drinking enough water at all and is alot better than fizzy drinks. I used to live on diet 7up but about a month ago I pretty much forced myself to replace it with plain water. Hated it at first but now its no problem - have to say I feel better and my skin looks better too. Its the calories really - I mean orange juice is considered healthy - but if you drank a litre a day you'd be taking in a fair whack of calories.