No Free GP visits if Private?

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Secondtime Posts: 320
Hi, I've been a visitor here for quite some time but just signed up as I got a BFP at the weekend!! Really thrilled, we have a 2 year old dd. Have a quick query. Last time round, I went public. The care was excellent. However, this time, I'm going to go private as my pregnancy would be considered somewhat high risk due to some complications after having dd. Last time around, I had free GP visits under combined care. If I go private, does this mean that I will not have free GP visits this time or is everybody entitled to them? Thanks in advance
borntobeamammy Posts: 324
Hi there i am also private and wasnt at my gps until recenty and i was asked if i signed the form for free gp visits and i said i was private and was told it didnt matter,i aslo got 6 weeks free gp after the baby is born,its a good job because ive been up to the gp/nurse more recently and needed med certs and its all covered so its great to have otherwise id have been broke with gp fees/nurses fee for bloods and weekly certs;I would just go in to your gp surgery and enquire,but it should be free regardless!!! HTH
Flossie38 Posts: 653
Yep, fill in the form at GP for Combined Care & you should get your 6 visits regardless of going private, having said that I've not been back since the initial visit, but no doubt will need a visit or 2 at some point!
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
i'm private and have free GP visits she told me this first time round but did get me to fill in the combined care form.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Every full time resident of Ireland gets gp free in pregnancy regardless of financial or health insurance status.
Secondtime Posts: 320
Thanks a million ladies, must call in and ask for the form. You've saved me money! :wv
CherylC Posts: 1071
I agree completely that everyone is entitled to the combined care and free GP visits for pregnancy related issues. However, for my case I was private (in HS) - I had a choice to go for every visit to my consultant or to do combined care, where every second visit was with my GP (and was free there). The price for the consultant was the same no matter which I did (I think that may not be the case for all consultants in other hospitals). I signed up the forms for combined care just in case, but decided to go to my consultant for all visits as I could get a scan etc. However, no matter whether you are public or private the only GP visits supposed to be covered by the scheme are your "official" pregnancy visits eg around every 4 weeks after 20 weeks and every 2 weeks later. If you are sick with something non-pregnancy related your GP is entitled to charge you (some do and some may let you away with it). I went to my GP to discuss Swine Flu vaccine and was charged.