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Missy79 Posts: 2
Hi all, together nearly 20 years with two kids, did have the whole day tradional wedding planned but cancelled after it became stressful and decided it's not what we want, so a year later and realising I want to get married looking for ideas on a no fuss wedding, don't want the whole sit down meal speaches thing. Any ideas much appreciate x
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
How about a ceremony for just your family/close friends followed by a meal and then invite everyone for a party that night?
missmaw Posts: 59
My brother and SIL had a small family only wedding. It was lovely. The broughtboth families to a local restaurant after the mass that we had to ourselves. There were no speeches and it was so relaxed no pressure on anyone. Afterwards we went for drinks in a bar down the road where a section was kept for us and they invited their close friends.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Hi, if your in Dublin why not a small civil ceremony followed by a meal, loads of places you can rent one section of, and then if you like a big party after, there is a bar in town called trinity Inn, its litterly a whole pub you can rent on Pearse Street and its free if over 50 people will be there, you can get a band or ipod playing :)
Missy79 Posts: 2
Actually I did say to himself about doing registry office for immediate family couple of mates, go for meal then either do a big party that night or a week or so later. Would it be better to do it all in the one day. There would be 30 for meal, 100 for afters, wud finger food be enough or should u do buffet. Defo want it local so people don't have to spend on accommodation....
g_smith Posts: 31
A colleague of mine is renting a local hall and having a barbecue. I know there are a few companies around that do it for you so you don't have to do anything to prepare or clean up. She's also rented an ice-cream truck for dessert. So simple and fuss free!
PlayBones Posts: 32
You can rent Sandymount Cricket Club hall for a nominal fee (like around €200). They have a caterer that does BBQs... but you can choose your own caterer if you prefer. Would be ideal for the afters for 100 people, a good sized hall, nice bar and a snug, and in summer it's in bloom with flowers. Hope you find something that suits you!! PB.
E.Rose Posts: 188
I think it might be better to do it all In one day so people haven't to be going to two occasions. Depends on the time you have it regarding food; if you have it evening time, people can have their own dinners had at home and then the finger food would be enough. If it's early in the day, people will be hungry as the day goes on so maybe buffet would be better in that case.