no glue hair extensions

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elainewexford12 Posts: 9
Has anyone seen the express hair extensions with no glue
barbiebride Posts: 171
As far as I know u can buy them in there shop with clips instead... *) *)
wombats Posts: 665
I bought clip on hair extensions online that I used for my upstyle for my wedding. They're a lot cheaper than any shops I've checked, and they were perfect, they're made from real hair so it was impossble to tell where my own hair ended and they began! The website is Good luck!
mrsmiaow Posts: 356
i bought hair extensions that have 5 or 6 clips on the top that u clip in under a layer of ur own hair IYKWIM. they are very good and cost about 40 euro each. i got them in sligo. wore them to a wedding lately. O:o)
Milly2008 Posts: 537
you can get clip on hair extensions in a hair accessories place in Swords. I know someone who wears them every day and she loves them. They look very well and she said that they don't damage her hair at all. If you want the name of the place I can get it for you.