no health insurance what option is best?

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too soft Posts: 518
Hey girls i just got my positive result so only about 5 weeks but was just weighting up my options before we go to doc or hospidatal to register.Any advice welcome. We had vhi on baba1 but cancelled it after as we couldnt afford it. I went sp then in hollis st. Im just wondering would i be better going public this time encase something went wrong r baba needed more care ect i know my mind is running away with itself but it does happen and could add up to a fortune down the line without health insurance, Any experiences and advice welcome
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
Congratulations! Myself, I definitely wouldn't go private or SP without insurance - even if everything is completely straightforward the accommodation costs alone would be huge, and there are lots of other things to be spending your money on with a new baby coming. The standard of public care is really good here and you won't have to worry about unforeseen costs.
teapotty Posts: 2085
I'm going public though I do have health insurance- I just failed to see what extra care I'd really get from the extra 1k (sp) or 4k (p) that I'd have been paying. I don't think you'd be able to relax at all going private and not knowing what whopper of bill you might end up with. You don't want to be in labour worrying about the potential costs of the various options being suggested.
Sweet as pie Posts: 376
I went public and i have to say i got just as good of care if not more than my sister who went public in same hospital. The staff were lovely and didnt treat me any different as i was public. And also as i was in a room with a few other women there was always a nurse going around to ask questions off whereas my sister when she was in her own room had to ring for a nurse and sometimes it took a long time for them to come to her as they are so short staffed. Anyway even if i had health insurance i would go public no point spending the extra money on that when you will need it for baby afterwards. Baby had issues with reflux since birth and the hospital have called him in a few times since with no months waiting around for appointment like i imagined with going public
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
realistic i don't think you have any option but to go public. Could you afford the cost of paying for a c-section, epidural, the anesthesiologist, pay for consultant, your stay etc? old thread on magicmum about it [url:1fwnp95k][/url:1fwnp95k]. as you will see one lady left with a bill of which her health insurance picked up a tab of 28K!!!! What is turning you off going public?
lovelycuppatea Posts: 481
I would definitely go public if you have no health insurance. I'd actually advise going public even if you do. As teapotty said you're getting very little extra care for a lot of extra money for private. So not worth it in my opinion.
Juneau Posts: 262
I have health insurance (very basic though) and my GP advised me to go public. He said it wasn't worth the extra money and that public care for maternity in Ireland was fantastic. So far I'm inclined to agree!
CherylC Posts: 1071
I would agree that without health insurance public is the only realistic option as otherwise the bill will be a minimum of few thousand for the room and then lots of potential additions etc. my bill was nearly 8k leaving holles sy for a fairly standard delivery- luckily all covered by vhi. As others have public is very good - and there options such as midwife led care and domino scheme and early release which all get very good reviews.